In the words of Dom Kennedy, Watts is the motherland. Our spotlight this week focuses on Brandon “Stix”; Salaam-Bailey, otherwise known on instagram as “wattsstix.” Born and raised in Watts, Stix has used his success in the music industry as a rapper, songwriter, and record producer to further his purpose in the community; ultimately starting the Think Watts Foundation, a 501C that has progressed our community in multiple cities by granting access and resources to our empowered youth. 

Financial literacy, entrepreneurship development, food distributions, climate justice initiatives, social justice initiatives, sports programming, education, workforce development, coding workshops, and gaming development are only some of the resources that Stix has worked with the Thinks Watts Foundation to push forward. 

Huge staples of Los Angeles sporting teams such as the LA Clippers, and LA Rams have given their support for this community bridge. 

The NFL and Little Caesars has also gifted the Think Watts Foundation with a $125,000 grant. 

Stix is no stranger to using his voice in order to push his community to the forefront of everyone’s minds. By telling the story of importance and urgency for the next generations to come, he has been able to garner so much philanthropy and attention to Watts; a place that is underserved, yet over deserving.