In the world of photography, there are those who capture moments and there are those who create art. Nailah Howze, known as Nai, falls into the latter category. With her extraordinary talent and unique perspective, Nai has quickly risen to prominence in the photography industry.

In this article, we will take a behind-the-scenes look at Nai’s journey, her achievements, and her aspirations to inspire women, women of color, and creatives alike. Nai’s passion for photography was ignited in 2015 when she made the bold decision to pursue her creative talents in this art form. Growing up as a “military brat” and a Veteran herself, Nai’s unique upbringing and experiences shaped her perspective on life and art. It was this background that instilled in her a deep appreciation for the beauty and honesty of the human experience, which she beautifully captures in her work.

In the few years since she embarked on her photography journey, Nai has achieved remarkable success and garnered recognition from both industry professionals and esteemed publications. She has had the privilege of working with renowned brands like Adidas, shooting for their impactful “Impact” project campaign. Nai’s talent and dedication earned her the prestigious title of Teen Vogue’s “Photographer of the Week,” showcasing her ability to capture the essence of her subjects and tell their stories through her lens.

Nai’s talent extends beyond fashion and brand photography. She has had the opportunity to document significant cultural events and moments that have left a lasting impact on society. One such event was the Bad Boy Reunion Tour in Oakland, where Nai’s photographs captured the energy and excitement of the concert, giving viewers a glimpse into the world of music and performance. Additionally, Nai had the honor of documenting the NAACP Awards, immortalizing the achievements of individuals who have made a significant contribution to the African American community.

Nai’s exceptional talent has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, she was awarded the prestigious Nook and Kranny “Photographer of the Year” award, solidifying her position as a rising star in the photography industry. This recognition is a testament to Nai’s dedication, creativity, and ability to capture the essence of her subjects in a way that resonates with viewers.

Nai’s journey as a photographer has only just begun. With her sights set on new horizons, she plans to open her own studio this year, allowing her to further explore her creativity and expand her business. Additionally, Nai aspires to venture into the realm of directing, using her unique vision and storytelling abilities to bring narratives to life. She also plans to go on tour, sharing her knowledge and experiences with aspiring photographers around the world.

Nai’s success story serves as an inspiration to women, women of color, and creatives who are often underrepresented in the photography industry. She encourages others to live authentically, embracing their unique perspectives and using their creativity to pursue their dreams fearlessly. Nai’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, passion, and self-belief.

To witness the incredible work of Nailah Howze, follow her on Instagram @CloudNaii. There, you will find a stunning collection of photographs that showcase her unique perspective and artistic talent. Nai’s journey is one worth following, as she continues to push boundaries, explore new territories, and inspire others through her incredible photography.

Nailah Howze, aka Nai, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of photography. Her unique perspective, dedication, and talent have propelled her to great heights in a short span of time. With her plans to open a studio, delve into directing, and embark on a tour, Nai’s journey is only just beginning. She serves as an inspiration to women, women of color, and creatives, encouraging them to live authentically and pursue their dreams fearlessly. Nai’s remarkable journey is one that will continue to captivate and inspire for years to come.