The city of Long Beach has officially Reduced the speed limits around its city. Back in December of last year City Council voted to reduce the speed limits of over 100 streets within a 92 Mile Radius. Streets with a 37.7 mile radius will have a reduced speed limit of 20mph or less.

City Council believes that lowering the speed limits will help promote public safety where there are higher levels of retail and dining. Back in 2020 Long Beach proposed an action plan called Vision Zero, an an initiative to reduce traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries to zero by 2026.

These new speed limits will help bring that goal to fruition. LBC mayor Rex Richardson stated that he believes “The City of Long Beach is leading the way in making our streets safer for all types of commuters,” He followed up with “Not only will these changes encourage more walking and bicycling, reduce noise, and enrich our neighborhoods and business districts— but these speed limit reductions can help save lives.”

If you live in Long Beach you can expect to see these changes taking place almost immediately as city workers are beginning to put up new signs.