If the street lights in the hoods of Los Angeles had eyes we would have so many more geniuses on display. It’s undeniable that people from Los Angeles, especially the inner-city are some of the most interesting & spectacular people in the world. That’s not being biased, that’s me telling the absolute truth.

Today I want to introduce you to one of the most Intelligent people to come out of our beautiful city – Glasses Malone. One Of LA’s most polarizing & disruptive artists. One thing I love about glasses is that he’s one of those guys who hears what he can’t hear & sees what he can’t see. In other words, his perspective is just different. He’s always taking an angle that most won’t, usually causing an uproar in the process. Then somehow bringing you back to his side.

Growing up in the city of Watts glasses found himself hustling. I’d say he was trying to make a way but Glasses always had a way of having money. He eventually found himself in the rap game where he’d go on to make an honest living.

In his music, he represents the parts of life that real humans can relate to. There is no over-the-top image, there are no boisterous lies. There’s just the truth – from an angle you’ve likely never thought about.

Glasses represent a side of LA that almost nobody does. It’s a lost art to represent real barbershop talk. The same talk that inspired Tupac must die. The same talk that inspired his most recent album Cancel Deez Nutz.

So this week’s spotlight is on Glasses Malone – Follow him HERE. Check his latest work out HERE.