Allyn’s Latest EP Is saving R&B On The West Coast

Whoever said that R&B is dead is wrong. 

In her sequel to “After Hours Pt. 1 -EP”, Allyn openly shares the trickiness of being in a situationship. From having deep feelings for someone down to the paradox of wanting a lover for herself. All while also wanting to be single and explore. 

The Sacramento-based singer, Allyn recently released her “After Hours Part 2” EP, on November 4, 2022.

We gain a deeper understanding of Allyn’s mind in relatable songs like, “It Is What It Is” and “Player Ways”. Allyn vulnerably expresses accepting a relationship for what it is instead of what she wants it to be in “It Is What It Is”. In just the next track, “Player Ways” she reminds us that “she’s not tripping about anyone anymore” of the ease of cutting and replacing someone from her roster.  

This EP explains modern-day relationships and mindsets from her perspective and is a must-listen for R&B lovers. 

After listening to this EP, it made me wish there were more songs on this project. However, I’m hoping on her next project that we will get more great body of work from her. Once again R&B is not dead on the West Coast.

Listen to her After Hours Pt. 2 EP.

Jada Stokes

The author Jada Stokes