AzSwaye Just Released new single “Home Hitters”

AzSwaye is from the East Side of South-Central Los Angeles, and he’s a part of the AzCult group with fellow Cult members AzChike and AzKilo.

He started rapping in 2015, and he’s no stranger to being in the booth. He recently released new single “Home Hitters” and it’s not the music that we didn’t expect to hear from him. He’s switching things up in an amazing way! I enjoy hearing about the growth. He’s putting in the work and people are really sleeping on Swaye! “I want my fans to learn more about me and maybe my life situations can help teach them something,” he said.

Since releasing the Lazurus Effect in 2021. The “Diss Song” rapper shows us his versatility and vulnerability in his recent music. He’s also an artist “that can adapt to any type of genre of music long as it touches my soul”.

After looking at my article for SBRBN’s Rolling Loud LA Lineup, “I felt that y’all love the city as a whole and not just the popular names because y’all named a lot of people y’all just put me onto” Swaye said.

His last project “The Lazarus Effect” was released in 2021. If you have been expecting music from AzSwaye or wondering what’s been going on with him. He stated, “I really don’t like excuses, but I’ve truly been just dealing with a lot of real-life situations and losing people dear to me that I wanted to be here in the long run”. 

He also added, “I feel that my supporters and fans who truly fuck with me and understand will still be here when it’s time for Swaye to be back outside. I want my fans to learn more about me and maybe my life situations can help teach them something”.

The best advice he’s heard from fellow Cult Member AzChike is “Never stop being Swaye & show these niggas we different”.

AzSwaye, AzKilo, AzChike

If you think new music from AzSwaye is coming you’re going to have just wait and be ready. As the new year approaches, you should expect “more consistency” when it comes to dropping music and videos.

Make sure you listen to Home Hitters out now!!

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