Here’s some of the most luxurious apartments in LA

Seeing as LA is home to the land of glamor known as Hollywood and tons of other world-renowned attractions, residing in the city isn’t exactly affordable. But there are certain residential areas in LA that are simply top-tier and come with mind-boggling prices to show for them. We’re enlisting apartments you can live in LA and why they’re so abundantly priced in the first place.

Gardenhouse Apartments.

Up on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, you’ll find this apartment complex where a unit rents for something around thirty thousand dollars a month. With three beds and baths, and a massive area going up and over two thousand square feet, space and comfort are hardly left to the imagination here.

The fact that these apartments come furnished and with a very long list of incredible amenities like a real fireplace and air conditioning for all rooms, and the building also has a pool concierge, are sufficient to warrant its rent tag. If you like luxury living and have your eye out for the heart of LA, then this is the place for you.

Location:  8600 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Price Range: $16,500 – $28,500

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Columbia Square Living.

This residential building in Hollywood actually had several articles dedicated to what is branded as the absurd rental price of its penthouse at thirty-thousand dollars on a monthly basis. Its two-room apartment leases for up to fifteen thousand dollars depending on varying floorplans, and the interior finish is simply exquisite.

With facilities like a full-time valet, an enormous fitness center, and the world-famous keyless entry option, why this place is as expensive as it is, makes sense. If you ever decide to rent this place, you’ll find it nice and furnished with the best possible articles and incredibly luxurious designs.

Location: 1550 N El Centro Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Price Range: $3,683 – $7,677

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The Q Topanga.

This apartment complex is located in Woodland Hills and is defined by its exquisite and luxurious interior and exterior. Since it’s relatively new, all of its architecture is defined by modern and neat approaches. The various floor plans come with multiple room options, with the largest Qube Two having an area of over a thousand square feet.

With a number of services such as a building valet, European-style kitchens, fully furnished options, and smart technology integrations all over, the priciest apartments are rented out for a monthly payment of seventeen thousand dollars, which makes it one of the most expensive LA apartments out there.

Location: 6263 CA-27, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Price Range: $2,614 – $12,546

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Argyle House.

This residential tower also falls into the list of expensive apartments in LA. With a sturdy external finish and spectacular interior design that allow plenty of air and light to seep right in. The modern setting and beautiful architecture will have you won over at the very first look.

With luxuries such as a fitness center and a gorgeous pool, upscale living is something you can truly experience in this multiple-story tower. While the studio, single, and multiple-room apartment rents go up to eight-thousand dollars, the true attraction and mystery is the penthouse, the rent price of which remains undisclosed. 

Location: 1755 Argyle Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Price Range: $6,614 – $32,546

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