Best Black Owned Vegan Spots in LA.

The current wave of inclusivity and diversity is making pretty awesome opportunities for different businesses to be represented. Everyone on an individual and community layer is making sure they play a part in providing minority businesses with clients by making conscious choices. LA is pretty much the crux of diversity, and the eateries and restaurants it has within its folds are no different.

Veganism is all the rage right now, and not because it’s a trend, but because more and more people feel responsible for reducing animal product consumption. Going vegan doesn’t mean compromising on taste. In fact, so many wonderful vegan spots make mouthwatering meals that are even better than their conventional counterparts. We’re listing down the best black owned vegan spots in LA, so you know where to head if you’re in the city.

Simply Wholesome.

This exquisite eatery tucked into Slauson Avenue can pack quite a punch with its Caribbean-inspired options. Everything from delicious breakfasts to the most filling lunches are things you’ll find for sure on their extensive menu. Also, if you’re a fan of crab cakes, know that they make the most savory vegan variety from chickpeas that you’ll not want to miss out on. This is definitely one of the best black owned vegan spots you’ll find in LA.

Address: 4508 W. Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90043

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Baba’s Vegan Café.

The fact that this amazing restaurant originated from a pop-up in LA speaks volumes of the insane vegan food they have to offer. What sets them apart is that they offer a mouthwatering variety of burger patties with fillings that come from all sorts of vegetables. So, if you enjoy having options, this café is certainly one of the best black owned vegan spots to hit in LA. 

Address: 6619 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047

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Compton Vegan.

The idea for this vegan gem came from a consideration of the lack of vegan eateries in the general supermarket and city premises. This eatery proves that going vegan does not mean that you have to renounce your favorite comfort foods. In fact, that is the exact problem that this black owned vegan spot sought to address in LA. If you like hits such as barbecue, shrimp, and other soul food in all its vegan might, this is not a spot you want to miss out on. 

Address: 11419 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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Coffee and Plants.

Look, if you live in today’s age, there’s more than a substantial chance that you have an addiction to caffeine. If you’re vegan, quenching the cravings that come with it isn’t always easy. Coffee and Plants will for sure become your dream coffee spot. Not only is it black owned, but it also makes the most exquisite and creative beverages you’ll ever have. Hands down one of the best black owned vegan spots in LA to make your go-to.

Address: 62 W Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103

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Souley Vegan.

Not only is this restaurant’s moniker a nice name play for all that it offers, but the fact that it is owned by an award-winning black chef takes it brownie points to a whole other level. If you’re a fan of Louisiana-styled dishes but have had to abstain because you’re vegan, then this LA spot is the answer to your prayers. Every excellent vegan meal you could think of, and then some, are what this black owned LA restaurant is known for.

Address: 615 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

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One of the toughest parts of being vegan is having to give up on certain desserts because of their milk and egg content. This black-owned vegan dessert spot in LA allows you to indulge in cobblers that come in every flavor imaginable. The fact that they’re always freshly baked makes the heavenly flavor even better if that’s possible. If you’re in LA and are looking for a great vegan dessert spot, rest assured that this is it!

Address: 8300 S Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90047

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Voodoo Vegan. 

Cajun food is hard to give up on, even if being vegan is a very noble approach. This is why Voodo Vegan, with its extensive Creole and Cajun vegan meals, represents a sort of heaven on earth. You’ll also find an assortment of vegan comfort foods like mac and cheese and even crab cakes. Their fusion cuisine makes for delicious, innovative, and absolutely delicious meals. This is why it is one of the best black owned vegan spots in the entirety of LA.

Address: 8946 S Denker Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047

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Jackfruit Café.

You’ll be surprised at just how delicious jackfruit can be once you try the many upon wide varieties of foods that this eatery’s chef can whip up with its namesake ingredient. Be it tacos, or even barbecue; this vegan spot can create anything for you without any compromise on taste. Without question one of the best black-owned vegan spots you’ll find in LA, and the most creative one, too, while we’re at it!

Address: 358 W. Suite K12 Los Angeles, CA 90037

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Centric Eats.

If you’re a fan of completely assembled vegan meals, then Centric Eats will have your dreams packed in a beautiful box. This vegan eatery will provide you with all the foods you feel you’ve had to miss out on after going vegan, like chicken you cannot believe is plant-based. They focus majorly on flavor since their mission is to create a healthy affinity for plant-based meals. This is most definitely one of the best black-owned vegan restaurants in LA.

Address: 5300 Bakman Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91601

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Happy Ice.

Being vegan doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have a sweet tooth anymore, and Happy Ice proves just that. Their vegan and fat-free ice comes in all sorts of flavors and colors that are excellent to the point of making it hard to believe that they have no milk content. The best part is that they combine all sorts of fun popsicles with cream swirls on top, so flavor and fun go hand and hand here.

LA is home to amazing black-owned restaurants that cater to vegan customers and are working on furthering the mission of plant-based product consumption. So, if you’re vegan and want to hit all of the best black-owned spots in LA, just make your way through all the amazing options we’ve rounded above.

Address: 7324 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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