From Michelin to Burritos: How Baran’s 2239 Adapted and Conquered During the Pandemic

by Jada Stokes
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Baran’s 2239, a Michelin Bib Gourmand-awarded restaurant in Hermosa Beach, is serving a breakfast burrito that has gone viral. What began as a way to boost business during the epidemic has evolved into a full-fledged breakfast burrito operation, with the restaurant selling over 1,100 burritos every weekend.

The burrito has become so popular that the restaurant has had to make a special team to keep up with the demand. Orders are taken via Instagram direct messaging, and pre-orders are entered into Excel spreadsheets to facilitate seamless pickups. The restaurant’s unique ordering method keeps waiting customers at bay while simultaneously keeping guests loyal to the Baran’s 2239 brand.

The prep cooks in the kitchen are committed to making each burrito to perfection. Each burrito contains four ounces of Vital Farms egg, two ounces of cheese, two ounces of cooked bacon, and exactly thirteen tater tots. The eggs are prepared in a five-by-two row of nonstick pans positioned over ten individual burners, with an eight-minute pickup time from ticket to takeout. With over 100 burritos flying out of the kitchen every hour, nothing ever sits for long.

Despite the breakfast burrito’s popularity, co-owners Jason Baran and Tyler Gugliotta do not intend to expand the restaurant into a full-service burrito stand. They estimate that 70% of their weekend customers are return customers, and the burritos have helped keep the restaurant open during the pandemic. However, food remains the most important thing to them. While there are plans to separate the burritos into their own location, for the time being, they are content to retain the popular menu item in-house.

Driven New Customers

The breakfast burrito’s popularity has helped to drive new customers to dinner. Gugliotta is pleased that the burritos are a popular entry point and that everyone enjoys them. He also knows that the restaurant prepares Michelin-level cuisine for dinner.

Even with great breakfast burritos down the street at Phanny’s, the burrito has become a cult following in the South Bay. Consumers keep returning, and the restaurant estimates that 70% of their weekend customers are repeat customers. The burrito revenue has helped to keep employees and pay them well, but Baran and Gugliotta remain committed to serving Michelin-level supper meals.

While the breakfast burrito helped to put Baran’s 2239 on the map, the restaurant’s charm and evening elegance remain a mainstay. The restaurant is busier than ever, which is unusual for a seven-year-old neighborhood hangout. They can applaud a breakfast burrito for that.

Baran’s 2239 is known for its breakfast burritos, but it also provides a variety of other foods throughout the day, such as sandwiches and specials that rotate on a regular basis. These dishes are included in the restaurant’s commitment to quality and attention to detail, which ensures that each and every patron will leave the establishment feeling fulfilled. Even though the breakfast burrito might be the highlight of the show, it’s clear that Baran’s 2239 is a dining destination that has something to offer every type of customer, from those who prefer a laid-back breakfast atmosphere to those who are looking for a more refined dinner experience.

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