UniverSoul Circus Returns to Los Angeles with High-Flying Fun and Entertainment

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The wait for circus fans in Los Angeles is finally over, as the UniverSoul Circus will open its doors on March 24, 2023, at the Crystal Casino & Hotel. With exhilarating acts, energetic music, and jaw-dropping acrobatics, the evening promises to be an amazing experience.

The UniverSoul Circus is one of the world’s most prominent touring circuses, noted for its distinctive and diverse acts that honor cultures from all around the world. The festival is a celebration of art, music, and culture that brings people of all ages, races, and backgrounds together to appreciate the circus’s magic.

The show will feature a diverse cast of outstanding performers, including acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, clowns, and more. The audience will be treated to a spectacular display of daring acrobatics, remarkable feats of strength, and hypnotic dance routines that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

The high-flying trapeze act, in which artists swing through the air with grace and precision, is one of the show’s highlights. The performers’ ability to soar through the air and do daring flips and twists will astound the audience.

The extraordinary contortionists will twist and bend their bodies into inconceivable configurations, leaving the audience speechless. The event also includes a spectacular motorbike act in which the riders undertake death-defying exploits in the Globe of Death, which will have the audience clutching their breath.

The UniverSoul Circus is noted for its contagious music and dynamic ambiance, in addition to its exhilarating acts. The show includes a live band performing a mix of hip hop, R&B, and soul music, which adds to the event’s electrifying excitement.

The UniverSoul Circus encourages diversity and inclusivity in addition to being a joyful and enjoyable event. The circus highlights cultures from all around the world, including African, Caribbean, and Latin American, and features performers from all walks of life.

For almost 25 years, the UniverSoul Circus has been entertaining audiences, and this year’s show promises to be one of the best yet. The circus has a devoted fan base that returns year after year, and newcomers are always impressed by the quality and range of the shows.

The Crystal Casino & Hotel is the ideal location for the UniverSoul Circus, with plenty of seating, convenient parking, and close access to public transit. The venue is located on Alameda, near to the Gateway Towne Center, and has the GPS address 100 Auto Drive North in Compton, CA.

The event runs from Thursday to Sunday, with several showtimes available each day. The box office hours vary each day, and tickets can be purchased at the theater or online.

The UniverSoul Circus is ideal for families, groups of friends, or anybody looking for a fun and thrilling night out. The circus is an unforgettable event, with a broad array of artists, explosive music, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Tickets are selling quickly, so buy yours soon and join the thousands of fans who will attend this unforgettable event. Don’t pass up your chance to be a part of the UniverSoul Circus’s enchantment.


Showtimes: Thurs & Fri: 7p Sat: 11:30a, 3:30p, 7:30p Sun: 11a, 3p, 7p

Box office Hours: Thurs: 12p – 7p Fri: 11a – 8p Sat: 9a – 8:30p Sun: 9a – 8p

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