There Are Too Many Producers In LA Sound WIth The Same: A Conversation With Producer WestKillinIt

*DISCLAIMER: The Following conversation has been slightly modified to increase readability*  

Los Angeles is taking over sonically. There is no arguing that. That is both from a rapping stand point and even more-so now a producers stand point.

We linked with producer Westkillinit to speak on his thoughts about the current state of LA Rap, how to make it big in this city and so much more.

Check out the entire conversation up above!

For those who don’t Know. Who is west and where is he originally from?

My name is West, I was born and raised in Long Beach Ca. I currently reside in Compton. For those who don’t know I am a producer.

Your sound definitely out-stretches the Los Angeles area. Can you talk about where you found that?

Just being inspired by different producers, beatmakers, experimenting with different sounds, Trying new things, mixing 3 different genres in one beat. I definitely try to stay versatile and make music for all ears, I don’t want to be boxed into LA, you missing out on money-making beats for one coast when you could be doubling it up producing for the east coast too lol

Create or find your own sound there are too many producers in LA who sound the same, they use the same claps, same chord progressions, same bass.

In what ways did the city of LA actually influence your sound?

I mean the production and history of music in LA has definitely set a high bar for new producers and artists. Over time it’s changed so much due to people pushing boundaries and trying new sounds. That’s inspired me to push further and put some type of history for myself down in the books. In this industry Only you can limit yourself, there’s no one else willing to put the work in for you, we’re all competing for the #1 spot.

Can you break down your creative process just a bit? How does West usually start a beat?

I’ll usually watch YouTube videos of my big bro southside from 808 mafias or the mass appeal series where they have people like just blaze and 9th wonder sampling and instantly get inspired to make something alike. I’ll either lay down a melody or chop up a sample and for some reason, my hi-hats are always second lol. Idk why it’s just my process then I go into the bass and kicks last.

Is there any advice you would give to any aspiring producers?

Create or find your own sound there are too many producers in LA who sound the same, they use the same claps, same chord progressions, same bass. It’s time for something different. Music is universal, there’s no barrier. Don’t be scared to test your self, set high expectations. Things will get frustrating and you might not want to make music anymore but that’s just because you know can do better, that’s the process of bettering yourself.

What can we expect next from Westkillinit?

The rest of this year is going to be amazing. I’ve got so much lined up for you guys.

We’ve got Hurt 2 with Kalan Fr Fr on the way. I’ve got singles with Lil Durk, Skinandbonez, Robtwo, Azjah.

I even got a track with Roddy on Feed Tha Streets 3. I think what I’m most excited about though, is this track with Future, I know you guys are gonna love it.

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