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10 Hidden gems in LA (Hiking)

Certain prominent hiking points in LA are frequented and exaggeratedly adored. While there’s no doubt about the beauty of the views they offer, they also come accompanied by crowds and whatnot. We advise you to skip the popular hiking trails and opt for some hidden LA gems instead!

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Katana Releases “How You Feel”

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Katana’s Newest single “How you Feel” is giving Hot Girl winter! The San Jose native has doubled down on her single by giving us a brand new music video.

She speaks to the women in here music. She has always given us all her previous heart breaks, The up’s & the down’s. Through her lyrics, she reflects on moments of heart break that will leave you at a loss for words, Betrayl at its finest. She echoes the regret of wishing she had responded differently once the dust settles.

Sabes que soy demasiado
You know im too much to handle
Been running these streets pero sola
And i got a lot on my mental

fortunately for her, those days are over. Kantana wanted wanted to show a different side to her fans. On this track she really steps into her dark side & even gives some latina flair showing off her trilingual root

“How you feel is an amazing Track, an ode to reminding fans to reclaim their self-worth. Check out the video up above & be sure to follow Katana on social media here.

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The Best Pizza Places In LA Right Now

Regardless of which part of America, or the world for that matter, you visit, pizza is always a meal you’re going to be craving every other day. The same goes for when you’re in LA, so if you’re on the hunt for the best pizza places in the city, we’ve got some leads.

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The Best DTLA Apartments to live In

If you’ve been to LA and had the pleasure of experiencing the sheer joy that is Downtown. We’re sure it has taken over your heart, and you’re already perusing through the best places to stay. We’re mapping out the best apartments to live in DTLA, so you don’t have to invest time looking.

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10 DTLA Bars That Serve The Strongest Drinks

10 DTLA bars with amazing drinks.

Down Town LA is not unfamiliar with the hustle and bustle of good company and excellent nightlife. People coming into this particular part of town want to know all about its epic social scene and where they can procure themselves the best drinks. If you’re wondering the same, you’re in luck because we’re jotting down 10 DTLA bars with absolutely amazing drinks.

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