Long Beach Rapper Dirty Dell Releases His EP Disruptive Behavior, a Striking Display of Class Consciousness, American Expectations and Taking the Alternative Route

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“If you just apply…. that disruptive behavior... to something positive… you could take over the world”

 Long Beach rapper Dirty Dell is a musician and lyricist first, but maybe even more so, he is a marketing genius. Using widely recognizable concepts like children’s books in his upcoming EP marketing and partnering with the trending clothing company Dirtylaundryla to market himself through clothing, and with an eye for design (he has the Dragon Ball Z symbol on his arm-which is a clever and simple design) Dell is well on his way to creating a personal brand that is a testament to the talent that comes out of Long Beach. 

 Like all good marketers, Dirty Dell has a personal brand that is unmistakably LA; from his tattoos, his flow, his love for basketball, his beach workouts, and his bright and summery modelling Collab's with Dirty Laundry. Just from speaking to him you can tell Dell is a popular and well-connected fixture in Long Beach culture and his crew includes his multi-talented brother, Ankle and his producer, Quincy Beats. Dell has thrown warehouse shows in Long Beach and talks about his favorite popular haunts;

“My favorite food spot is Fantastic Burger- a little fast food joint on Cherry and Wardlow- you can get everything there”. On his free time Dell works out by the beach;

“Bluff Park Beach is my favorite spot in Long Beach, there's a 9/10 chance someone I know will be there. There's so many places to workout, there’s yoga at 11 AM, there’s so much going on”. 

 Not to mention, Dell also has something to say about celebrity basketball leagues;

“I love playing basketball when I’m off work. When I get big I’m going to be one of the best basketball playing rappers EVER. I’m going to kill the celebrity league”

 Although Dell has expressly said he prides himself on not being a “regional artist”, Dell’s music reflects his study of the laid-back tempos and lyrical intelligence of some of the greats that came out of the LA area before him, like Vince Staples and Kendrick Lamar. His focus is on lyricism and storytelling while integrating the diversity and breadth of hip-hop as a whole. 

 Pulling from his LA life experience and lyrical influences, Dell has crafted a concept album about being a troubled school kid that is so complex and insightful that it makes the listener rethink the school system. In a stroke of genius, and referencing the children’s book No David! by David Shannon, the cover art of Disruptive Behavior Illustrates the cartoon version of a young Dell tipping over a fish bowl that sparks visual memory and touches the deeper part of us that harbors childhood nostalgia and reflection on our own experiences in grade school. 

Dell’s EP can be described as authentic hip-hop that showcases his vernacular, emotional intuition, and his ability to tap into youth culture. Dismantling the idea that academia is the only way to be “smart”, Dell’s level of intelligence on his new EP Disruptive Behavior is a direct contradiction to a system that only values traditional education while overlooking the arts- especially in hip-hop. Dell says,

“I wrote this album because I didn't care about school- I wrote the EP based on my time as a student and not being the greatest student ,but being talented and not applying it… I want people NOT to feel the need to do what society believes is right for them, but find their passion and go do that”. 

Favorite Lyrics on Disruptive Behavior- from “Ain’t Too Crazy”:

“Perception is the key to success

That designer ain’t gone cover up the problems rooted deep in the flesh

The flex is cool but it tests you

It’s not a rescue

You cherish seeing the bigger picture when less do”

 Favorite Upcoming Artists: Seafood Sam- who is quite the Long Beach local. Hughi Bricks, Adonis, and Quincy Beats. 

 If Dirty Dell Was Mayor of LA:

Dell would defund LAPD and add that money into the educational system, housing and low income situations. 

 The 8 track, 17 minute and 20 second EP Disruptive Behavior is out everywhere now.



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