Called It First: Brimcity

Brimcity is the next headwear brand that you will be rocking this year, take our word for it. They may not be the biggest brand out there but they have efficiency on their side.

Unique designs combined with laser sharp quality is all we really ask for from our favorite brands right? Well Brimcity has what it takes to satisfy those needs.

For this reason we are calling it, right here, right now: Brimcity is next up

Brim city Los Angeles


The brand Really embodies the culture of Los Angeles. Including some of LA’s most influential native such as Kendrick & Pac in their designs Brimcity stands out with both colorful & Minimalistic designs.

Their tributes to iconic sports teams such as the Kings & the Lakers play a major role in the brands Los Angeles identity.

Ironically it doesn’t stop in LA for Brimcity. The brand has tapped into sport culture all over the US. Teams like the Chicago Bulls, Golden State and the Brooklyn Nets have seen love from the headwear brand.

The most creative part of it all is that the brand mixes sports teams with icons of their respective city. For instance , Brimcity’s signature Los Angeles Kings hat that features Easy E on the Brim or their Brooklyn Nets hat which features Naturel’s Biggie artwork.

This sort of creativity adds some spice to the brands appearance.


It is this same attention to detail that has gained the brand the attention of major players such as Nas and Floyd Maywheather. With 1 0f 1 pieces for Nas and a Collaboration with Floyd’s TMT brand it is hard to ignore the young headwear company’s success.

In all Brimcity’s quality product & originality is what will carry them through the roof. They are still on the come up as a brand but with Players like Nas and Floyd on their team you can surely expect to see big things from them in the future.

Head over to Brimcity’s Instagram and give them a follow. If you like what you see head over to Collective Lifestyle to cop some Merch.

Make sure you let them know SBRBN sent you and as always, remember. we #Calleditfirst

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