Everything you need to know about LA’s first legal Cannabis Cafe.


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Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Café, prides itself on being “America’s first cannabis restaurant and lounge.” Located in West Hollywood on the corner of La Brea and Lexington, you’ll find the groundbreaking rooftop restaurant. If you partake in smoking, vaping, or enjoying edible products then Lowell farms should be on your radar. So much buzz has been generated amongst millennials making for a highly anticipated grand opening. We’ve never seen a legal business like this before, so naturally curiosity and excitement are through the roof.

Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or canna-curious it’s worth monitoring the success or failure of this establishment. Seven other businesses share this same type of cannabis consumption license. Lowell Farms was the first to officially be approved therefore the overall outcome might affect these other institutions. Co-founders Sean Black and David Elias created the Los Angeles-based cannabis brand  Lowell Herb Co.  They were progressive enough to see the current cannabis trends and pursued this project based on providing quality herb and comfort to an untapped

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The National Restaurant Association recently conducted a survey indicating that plant-based ingredients such as cannabis and CBD are amongst the most popular trends in the industry. To be more specific cannabis-infused drinks are ranked as a top trend with infused foods coming in second.

Not only is this trend providing a commodity to an in-demand market, it also creates unique and creative job opportunities. Lowell Café will provide occupations such as bud-tenders,
cannabis sommeliers, and Chef Andrea Drummer who will be creating seasonal food menus designed to complement the cannabis that is available for consumption on-site. It is disappointing that the actual cuisine won’t be infused with the THC and CBD. We have Federal and state laws to blame for that. Unfortunately the regulations in California in regards to testing and packaging cannabis products has halted any plans to create fresh edibles and THC/CBD infused meals at Lowell Farms Cafe. Understandably frustrated, Black mentions, “We’re trying to be conservative in our interpretation of the laws; we’re waiting for the state and county to update their laws and work out the nuances for licensing before we infuse food to live on-premises.

Set to open September 21st, this innovative weed cafe has been over three years in the making. A major component to Lowell Farm’s blueprint is highly acclaimed Chef Andrea Drummer. With a resume as extensive as hers, it’s a no brainer she was chosen as executive Chef. Since starting her culinary career in 2012, she has been deemed one of the top 10 cannabis chefs in the US by a digital magazine, GreenState. She has also appeared on Netflix’s Cooking High and Chelsea Does. Her seasonal menu will include farmer market produce to expose Angelenos to some of the freshest produce available.

If savory isn’t your thing, there are also plenty of options for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Controversy  To keep it as simple as possible, there was considerable opposition from a congregation located across the street from where Lowell Farms Cafe is set to open.

A weed connoisseurs’ dream is now Rabbi Denise Eger’s nightmare. The major concern for Eger is the rooftop area accessible to smokers. Eger worries, “It will limit the use of our outdoor space as well because of the contact high from the smoke that will waft in the area.”

To assuage the fears of the community the Cafe proposed a practical solution. With the assistance of odor absorbing plants and the incorporation of a casino-style HVAC air filtration system,
the scent of weed will be undetectable outside the property. Lowell Farm’s successful attempt to reassure city officials resulted in the unanimous decision to approve their license.

Leaving without a word, Eger was less than pleased with the outcome.

It’s equally important to note that this progressive milestone could be temporary since consumption area licenses are only valid for a year. To say that this establishment will be monitored under a
microscope is a major understatement.

Providing locals as well as visitors with “a warm, comfortable place for people to safely try cannabis with experienced staff, a relaxed environment, and good food,” is Black’s objective. Weed
impacts everyone differently which makes this judge-free space a gem for those looking to indulge in a cannabis experience. The conceptualization of this weed lounge is a testament to the fact that providing a service dedicated to the well being of others can be profitable. The true test will be how well the new business can avoid impacting their neighbors while also abiding by strict

You already know Elders is going to be keeping tabs so if you do decide to visit please follow the rules. We all know that one person who always messes it up for everyone. Don’t be that

If you visit Lowell Farms Cafe make sure to post pictures and tag SBRBNLA. Below are a few bullet points to help manage your expectations so that your first time is a positive experience.

Just FYI:
Bring Cash – California law requires it for cannabis purchases
Must be 21 or older with a valid photo I.D.
Debit and Credit cards are accepted for food and drinks purchases
Business Hours: 10am-2am
Cannabis purchasing hours: 10am-10pm
No to-go orders will not be offered because it’s a lounge permit
California law also prohibits the consumption of cannabis and alcohol on the same site therefore alcohol
will not be served.


Attention 90’s Babies…Good Burger Pop-Up Diner Opens in WeHo!


“Welcome to Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?” If you’re a fan of everything 90s, then this infamous line recited by Kel Mitchell in “Good Burger” should bring instant nostalgic joy.

If a quick reminder of how monumental 90s movies were isn’t enough, how about a pop-up dinner? That’s right. What started on July 10th in West Hollywood and will stay throughout the end of the year, is a “Good Burger” themed restaurant of the Nickelodeon classic featuring actual “good burgers,” shakes, good burger fries, salad, desserts, games, and a special alcoholic beverage just for adults-not to mention other tasty items.

What originally started as a Good Burger sketch on Nickelodeon’s All That, which both Mitchell and Kenan starred in, finally led to the actual movie.

Tryna do it for the gram? There are plenty of photo ops for social media users that will accumulate many likes.

What is now a Good Burger experience, was once home to the “Saved By The Max” pop-up inspired by the 80’s/90’s hit sitcom, “Saved By The Bell.”

Tickets cost approximately $30 and include a 90-minute experience including an entree, side, and commemorative item. Not to mention a lifetime of memories.

For those that are too young to remember this 90’s classics, here is a brief rundown. Dexter, played by Kenan Thompson, wrecks his mother’s car crashing it into his teacher’s car. He is forced to get a job that lands him at Good Burger. Among the employees, is the very animated Ed, played by Kel Mitchell. Insert a lot of laughs and goofy scenes. So. Mondo Burger opens up right across the street causing competition. To save their business from plummeting, Dexter and Ed start using a secret sauce that Ed created himself. Business starts booming, but with success comes haters leaving Mondo Burgers desperate to steal the secret ingredients to the lucrative sauce.

Are you sold yet? If so, the pop-up diner is located in the West Hollywood Gateway shopping center, at 7100 Santa Monica Blvd.

Tickets and more information can be found here.

Follow them on the gram for pics and more.