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SZA Shines as the Face of SKIMS’ Inclusive and Empowering Lingerie Campaign

SZA, the well-known singer-songwriter, has collaborated with SKIMS for their latest “Fits Everybody” campaign, which highlights the brand’s inclusive and body-positive approach to lingerie. In the campaign, the Grammy-nominated singer wears a chocolate brown bra and matching pantie set, as well as a black bodysuit, stockings, and auburn-colored hair, exuding natural and effortless beauty.

The SKIMS “Fits Everybody” collection has received a lot of attention for emphasizing comfortable and stylish lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes. SZA expressed her excitement about the campaign in a press release, saying that the brand’s mission is to celebrate diversity and empower women to feel confident in their own skin.

SZA stated, “I’m thrilled to be a part of SKIMS’ latest Fits Everybody underwear campaign and to align myself with a brand that strives to make women feel both comfortable and sexy.”

“SKIMS is all about embracing one’s individuality and self-love, which I wholeheartedly support.” – SZA

Kim Kardashian, founder of SKIMS, called SZA as the “woman of the moment,” praising her honesty, confidence, and dynamic energy. Kim Kardashian’s vision for the brand has been to create lingerie that complements women’s natural curves while remaining comfortable enough to wear all day. The brand’s message is amplified even more with SZA as their new muse.

SZA embodies the essence of SKIMS in the campaign, exuding a sensual and confident energy. The black bodysuit she wears embodies the collection’s tagline, “Fits Everybody,” emphasizing the brand’s commitment to providing lingerie that fits all body types. The campaign emphasizes the message that women can feel beautiful and sexy in lingerie that enhances their natural curves and flatters their individual features.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of SKIMS’ latest Fits Everybody underwear campaign and to align myself with a brand that strives to make women feel both comfortable and sexy.”

SKIMS’ collaboration with SZA is a strategic move because she is a top-charting artist with a massive cultural impact on women worldwide. SZA is known for her unapologetic approach to self-love and empowerment, making her an ideal fit for the SKIMS brand.

Fans of both SZA and SKIMS have praised the campaign, with many praising the brand for its commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The lingerie industry has long been chastised for its lack of diversity, but SKIMS is one of the few companies that has actively worked to create lingerie for all women, regardless of size or body type.

SKIMS has continued to make headlines with its innovative approach to lingerie and shapewear, quickly gaining a massive following. With the addition of SZA to their latest campaign, the brand is poised to gain even more traction, inspiring women worldwide to embrace their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.

Bottom Line

Finally, SZA’s appearance in the SKIMS “Fits Everybody” campaign is a powerful testament to the brand’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and body positivity. The collaboration with SZA, a renowned artist and advocate for self-love, is a strategic move for the brand, solidifying their position as a lingerie industry leader. SKIMS has once again proven that lingerie can be both comfortable and stylish, empowering women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin with SZA as their muse.

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The Story of 03 Greedo

Jason Jamal Jackson, also known as Los Angeles rapper “03 Greedo”, (formerly known as “Greedy Giddy”) came from the roughest projects in Los Angeles, CA.  

Photo by: Yatta

Growing up in the Jordan Downs Project in Watts, CA, at the age of 1 year old, Greedo’s father passed away from a “motorcycle accident”. In an interview with Noisey, the rapper stated that “his father was one of the first Crips.” 

Before becoming a living legend and tattooing “Living Legend across his cheeks”, tragedy struck his music career and life forever. 

On June 28th, 2016, Greedo and another man were driving in a 2016 Nissan through Amarillo, Texas on the I-40 Interstate. While traveling, they were pulled over by police who claimed to smell marijuana from their car. 

The driver admitted to smoking marijuana, but that was the least of their problems. After forcing the trunk of the car to be opened, 4 pounds of methamphetamine, said to be worth about 80 thousand dollars, was discovered. In addition, the police found stolen pistols and ammunition in the vehicle, which were unregistered in the State of California. 

Ultimately, Greedo was charged with unlicensed possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of over 400 grams of a controlled substance. After spending 8 days in jail in Amarillo, Texas, Greedo was released on bond and returned to Los Angeles. This was the point when Greedo decided to transform himself from a Grape Street Crip to one of the most prolific musicians in Los Angeles. In 2016, after merging his nickname from jail (coming from his section on 103rd Street in Grape Street), “Greedy Giddy” became “03 Greedo. 

In 2016, Raymond Lee Arnold, also known as “Mafia Ray”, who was a mentor to Greedo and one of the first people from his hood to support his musical career, was tragically gunned down in a barbershop in Hawthorne, CA in July 2016. Greedo released “Mafia Business”, a single dedicated to his fallen friend. This hit single was listed on his mixtape “Purple Summer” and can be credited as one of his breakout singles to date. In September 2016, he followed up with Purple Summer 2: Son Don’t Shine. This was the same year 03 Greedo was shot in the leg and almost had his leg amputated. Fortunately, a large metal plate allowed him to keep his leg. 

From being homeless, to eating out of garbage cans, using drugs to stay up, and constantly moving around, he eventually settled in Watts, CA.

At 17 years old, 03 Greedo became a father to a baby girl.

In 2017, he signed with Alamo Records, which is the home of popular rappers Lil Durk, Rod Wave, Smokepurpp, and Comethazine to name a few. 

A year after signing his deal, Greedo found himself facing a 300-year sentence for trafficking 4 pounds of methamphetamine across state lines. He turned himself in for a five-year prison sentence in 2018. During imprisonment, Greedo announced via Instagram that he obtained his GED from prison. 

Although previously denied parole in 2020 and 2021, he was granted release in June 2022 upon completing the pre-release program. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, after 5 years, the Los Angeles rapper is scheduled to be released on Jan 12, 2023. 

Since his imprisonment, as a promise that he made to his fans, he stated in a tweet in 2018, “Plenty music will be released while I’m gone”. 

03 Greedo wasn’t lying as he stashed away about 30 albums worth of music. He said on the outro of his 2019 song, “Bet I Walk”, “30 albums, nigga, who did it, nigga?” 03 Greedo did it.

03 Greedo releases some of the following music while in prison: 

  • Still Summer in The Projects with Los Angeles Super Producer Mustard (2019). 
  • Netflix and Deal, a movie theme collaboration with Kenny Beats (2019)
  • Meet The Drummers with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker EP (2019). 
  • Load It Up Volume 1 with fellow Watts owner, Ron Ron the Producer (2020). 
  • 03 Inna Key EP in (2021).

Now that the Grape Street Wolf is now free, he and his fans will finally celebrate new music together with a new collaboration project with Mike Free titled, “Free 03”. It was released in January 2023.

In a DJ Vlad interview, he stated, “I was always that nigga I just always went to jail”. 

Welcome Home 03 Greedo!

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Allyn’s New Single One Time ft. Dom Kennedy

If you don’t know who Allyn is, now is the time for you to tune into her music. She is rising to the top of the West Coast’s R&B Scene.

The Sacramento-born artist has moved to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. The singer-songwriter is no stranger to the R&B scene.

You may have heard her known for her single, “Down” featuring KB.

In 2018, Allyn released her EP, “All You Need”, and gained massive attention. It spawned popular tracks “On and On” featuring Casey Veggies and “Felt This Way” featuring Dcmbr.

Allyn is back again with a new single called “One Time” by Leimert Park rapper, DOM KENNEDY. It is a song that is for the ladies who love to sing while driving in their car in the city. 

Listen to her single One Time featuring DOM KENNEDY below.

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Katana Releases “How You Feel”

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Katana’s Newest single “How you Feel” is giving Hot Girl winter! The San Jose native has doubled down on her single by giving us a brand new music video.

She speaks to the women in here music. She has always given us all her previous heart breaks, The up’s & the down’s. Through her lyrics, she reflects on moments of heart break that will leave you at a loss for words, Betrayl at its finest. She echoes the regret of wishing she had responded differently once the dust settles.

Sabes que soy demasiado
You know im too much to handle
Been running these streets pero sola
And i got a lot on my mental

fortunately for her, those days are over. Kantana wanted wanted to show a different side to her fans. On this track she really steps into her dark side & even gives some latina flair showing off her trilingual root

“How you feel is an amazing Track, an ode to reminding fans to reclaim their self-worth. Check out the video up above & be sure to follow Katana on social media here.

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Low the Great Is set to release his Upcoming project “Vicky 3”

The LA sound wouldn’t be where it is now if it wasn’t for producer Low the Great.

Low, is from South Central Los Angeles, and you cannot question anything about him because he’s definitely a great hitmaker. He has an extensive catalog and has collaborated with the best artists in the city. Since high school, he has been making music and he has made a new wave and has been elevating sound since and I believe in the next few years he will be named the city’s next super producer.  

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