In the world of Los Angeles poetry, a familiar name has been trailblazing all across social media for years; Reyna Biddy.

Starting off originally as a songwriter, Biddy’s longing for a more personal connection to her work drove her to push school aside and become an author to explore poetry as a profession. Now with four published books, and a wide variety of supporters, Biddy is a mother and extremely well-renowned. Reyna grew up in the Valley with her mom who was a nurse, and her father who was an artist. One of the sources of inspiration for her writing journey stemmed from watching Def Jam Poetry with her dad. This love for poetry has not only led to the purchase of her own home in Woodland Hills, but also a feature on Kehlani’s album ‘SweetSexySavage.’ However, her story is not all glamor and book sales on Amazon’s best seller list. Biddy’s raw emotions and deep truths live in between the pages of her vulnerable books. There is so much more to this writer than a twitter icon of a famous side profile and the handle @DearYouFromWe.