Dating in Los Angeles is Hard: Here’s Why

With Valentine’s day just around the corner couples everywhere are booking dinner reservations, buying expensive gifts and expressing their love through thoughtful gestures. It truly is a wonderful time for everyone, except for those who reside in Los Angeles.

For us in Los Angeles the next few days are going to look a little different than they do for the rest of the world. For the men, be prepared for 20% of your roster to be on their periods. As for the women, there will be no shortage of men on your roster falling “sick” to the flu, about 80% to be exact. Why is that you ask?

Because the men and women In LA ain’t sh*t and that’s exactly why it’s so hard to date in Los Angeles.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some very wholesome men and women in this city and love does exist but for the majority of us Love in this amazing city is just a fantasy. Something we think about but rarely ever get right.

What causes dating to be such a hassle in this city though?

Maybe it Is the fact that we share out here in LA. In other words, it hard to date in LA knowing that your potential prize has had some sort of interaction with a person not too far removed from you. and if that’s not clear enough how about this:


Seriously though, one of the biggest downsides to dating someone in Los Angeles is coping with the fact that you will inevitably run into multiple people who have had your significant other’s pants around their ankles. Which doesn’t always have to be bad, until its one of your friends close friends. Or even worse, your friend.

So let’s say you’re lucky enough to avoid the previous relationship killer. Chances are you still have to deal with the fact that your relationship’s business is likely to spread from ear to ear. Especially with the rise of digital media. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter and our personal group chats all fuel constant chatter around our personal relationships making it hard to just focus on y(our), one person.

Which brings me to the third reason why LA relationships are so hard to sustain. Accountability.

Women and men are both crying for help, both expecting without giving and neither side wants to take accountability.

Women expect to be courted, which if you ask me is 100% what should be expected. It seems those days have officially passed us though. Instead of planning, and executing REAL dates men are instead shooting the text at 10:45 that reads “Wya I’m bout to pull up”.

Of course, men have defended these actions claiming that women don’t carry themselves as they would expect. For example, entertaining one of the homies or posting photos half naked on Instagram.


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In the end, there is no right or wrong answer nor can a man tell a woman how to behave and vice versa. Still, we must acknowledge with both sides nudging each other to do the right thing instead of just doing it is not the answer. With that sort of back and forth, No one will be taken seriously especially with so many options out here.

Which brings me to my fourth and final reason it is so hard to date in Los Angeles.

The number of options we have in LA. Los Angeles is a beautiful place with beautiful people. Options are everywhere and LA’s people come in all shapes and sizes which means that there is always a better option.

In a perfect world, we would realize that there will always be something better so our best chances of finding something perfect is to perfect what we already have. Instead, we have learned that what one doesn’t have another does. So in an attempt to find the best partner we find ourselves jumping from one person to the next or being so afraid to commit out of fear that we will “settle” for something.

We find it easier to give up once things get rocky in our relationships simply because out here there is always a girl with a fatter ass and a dude with more chips than the last. So hey, why fight for something that’s not the best right?

So there you have it. These are the reasons why dating in this beautiful city has become so hard. Although it is hard, it doesn’t mean you need to drop all hope though. Where there is a will to do there is a way and now armed with the understanding of what you’re up against you can go into the world ready for batttle!

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