The Undisputed Guide To Diving In The DM’s

The days of walking up to a cute girl despite the fear in your heart are slowly coming to an end. The days of Stephen curry jump shot gifs on the other hand… steady rise, my friend.

If you opened this, chances are that you’re interested in seeing how you can improve your DM game. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, almost all of us can use some improvement. I don’t think any man is over 80% when shooting 10 or more DM attempts.

For that reason alone we had to go out and ask women “What’s your DDA on DM’ing”. Here’s what they all had to say:

Taylor Hing


Model Taylor Hing aka “Chinese Kitty” has created a cult-like following over the past year. The 22-year old model has built an impressive resume having worked with artists like Young Dolph, T.I & PnB Rock just to name a few. She has even been featured in Smooth Magazine. For a 22-year old Kitty has been able to make a pretty big stamp for herself. If you ever run across Kitty chances are she’s on her grind and if not she’s traveling. Either way, you know she’s somewhere doing it big.

Here’s what Kitty has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: A do when it comes to dms is to always start off different then the rest. Positive comments & respectful compliments work the most.

  • Don’ts: Definitely a don’t is nude pics, and “hey ma your ass fat” or “can I get your number”.

  • Advice: My general advice is girls or people PERIOD respect compliments that relate to their life. Things like “I just wanna let you know I respect your hustle, your work ethic, and your beauty have a blessed day.” That will get someones attention way faster then asking and begging for a number



La’Britney (Luh-Brit-Knee) Is an entertainer & recording artist from Detroit who has built a huge social following with the help of her phenomenal voice. La’Britney made herself stand out amongst the crowd when she began recreating some of her favorite tracks using everyday household items. Things like pots, Pans, vodka bottles & even Doritos.

Soon La’Britney  found herself on the radar of artists such as 50 Cent, Ashanti and even R-kelly. These relationships lead to shows and even more exposure. This success only fueled her creative instinct.

With the release of her latest single Xxxtra on the rise alongside the track visuals La’Britney is in full grind mode. Her upcoming project is sure to take her career to a whole new level. For more on La’Britney you can visit her website here. In the meantime,

Here’s what La’Britney has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: Do ask me for my PayPal info for a deposit 🙂

  • Don’ts: DON’T SEND DICK PICS!!!!

  • Advice: Have an interesting profile pic because I am definitely going to click it. Please don’t have an Instagram page full of memes and quotes because I’m going to assume you’re a fake. If you have 100 followers and follow 100,000 then I’m running fast.

Kehaulani Sanares


You might be wondering where you’ve seen her face before. Was it your best friends #WCW last week? maybe so. Was it was that girl you saw headlining Chris Brown’s Black Pyramid “Moonwalk collection” alongside Will-I-Am? Absolutely.

Her name is Kehaulani Sanares and she’s a model on the rise in the city of angels. Her multi-ethnic background clearly attributes her soft looks but it is her Los Angeles influenced style that adds just the right amount of spice to her overall image. Kehaulani is that model who is able to give you the elegance of upper echelon brands and also make a seamless transition into the underground street culture in the blink of an eye. That’s why you’ll be seeing a lot more of her as the year goes on, Just make sure you keep an eye out!

Here’s what Kehaulani has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: When it comes to DM’s, I really only reply to positivity, I especially do my best to get back to everyone asking for advice. I love interacting with people. I feel the more we interact with each other in positive ways, the more united we all become as a whole, resulting in brighter lives.

  • Don’ts: I avoid all negative and inappropriate commentary. I read all of my message and I’m quick to block a person rather than feed into it. So, don’t be rude! lol

  • Advice:

    As general advice, just be kind to others! I don’t understand how people find the time and energy to be negative at times, there’s really no reason for it.

    Make someones day. Be Kind.

    🙂 xo

Nikki Neal


Nikki Neal is what you call a creative. While many would consider Nikki a model its hard to give her that title considering she’s about so much more than just that. The Atlanta native first caught our attention with the release of her online store Nix90. An online store that caters to women. The store sells a sundry of items ranging from beach towels to fashionable everyday eyewear. Model, entrepreneur and so much more. In our eyes, Nikki is a personality more than anything. Her style and attitude towards things make her an overall star that’ll you’ll soon see a lot more of in the future.

Here’s what Nikki, The real Nikki has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: Always be original be with your approach. A simple compliment on something you notice other than her beauty will go a long way.

  • Don’ts: Don’t shoot your shot using the words sexy, bad, etc. as a female we get really turned off to stuff like that and we don’t even know you yet. And as a model my DM’s get really crazy, so if I even see any of those words I instantly decline the DM.

  • Advice: My honest advice to sliding in DM’s is not doing the most to get a girls attention. But 9/10 we can always tell if you’re being genuine or if you’re just saying a bunch of b.s to get our number.

Aj Love


Aj Love is an up and coming model who has built plenty success on social media over the past couple of years. The clearest and distinctive feature that AJ has is her beautifully enriched skin tone. The soon to be 21-year old “Melanin Goddess” has worked with a plethora of photographers over the course of her young modeling career. One of those photographers being Lance Gross. Aj’s success will continue to grow as she perfects her craft.

Here’s what Aj has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: Be REAL. Don’t show boast about what you have or who you know but just be real about who you are (trust me that’ll lead into better conversation) … there’s nothing more attractive to me than someone who exerts confidence rather than someone who puts on a façade of confidence.

  • Don’ts: The Nudes… come on guys!!! Please don’t ever think that’ll be a good conversation starter. Would you pull that stunt out on a woman on the street?… I didn’t think so. It’s a good way to get blocked. I don’t wanna see it!

  • Advice: Don’t be afraid to talk to a person over DM’s. But when you come, come correct. If you don’t get a response, it’s ok. Don’t take it personal. For the most part it’s not intentional. A lot of people don’t check their DM’s or they just have too many and yours unintentionally  overlooked

Makaela Revé Heard


Texas bread Makaela Heard took the leap from the front porch to pursue her modeling career in Los Angeles. After spending some time at Texas State University Makaela decided to take a break from the school life.

Now the Wilhelmina signed Model has been creating a lane for herself throughout Los Angeles. Having worked with notable talent such as Mercy & of course Wilhelmina Models Makaela is on her way to stardom.

Here’s what Makaela has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: Do start off asking me how I’m doing. Because if I’m not having a good day and you don’t care to ask about my well being, then you ain’t getting a response hehe

  • Don’t: Come into my DM’s calling me anything other than my name. And especially don’t call me Shawty, I’m tall enough to dunk on you

  • Advice: If you want to slide into someone’s DM’s, always approach the person with respect. And don’t think just because you compliment a woman, that means you deserve her phone number. LOL

Rolanda Baker


Model & entrepreneur Rolanda Baker is a Tampa native who spends much of her time bouncing back & forth from Los Angeles to Florida. We first caught wind of Rolanda through her collaboration with yesishootmodels. Both the Tampa model and clothing company came together for a limited edition t-shirt which can be found at select stores throughout the states.

Now Rolanda’s beauty obviously allows her to stand out but it is her entrepreneurial mindset is what will take Rolanda far places. Keep an eye out for her as time progresses.

Here’s what Rolanda has to say about making that jump into the DM’s:

  • Do’s: Use DM’s as a more private way to contact friends, send humorous memes, videos or just chat privately instead of have people in your business in the comments

  • Don’ts: Do not send nudes lol Do not entertain any negativity that may be sent to you and do not do not be thirsty in someones DM’s. Lol

  • Advice: I try to keep my DMs clean and all about connecting and building with photographers, other models, and other business people, instead of  flirting with strangers or engaging in Instagram hate.


There you have it!

I hope you gained some useful knowledge from this segment of DDA. The advice given to you should be used at your own risk! What works for some doesn’t work for all but we’re pretty sure it’ll work :). As usual test out these practices & share it with a friend who may need some assistance with his DM game.

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