Nothing hits better in the summertime than stopping at your favorite fish market with your family for a combination plate. Red snapper, catfish, filet of sole, oysters and shrimp are all part of the LA experience like no other. The only trouble is, which fried fish spots are actually the best in town? And which ones are worth going to? My personal favorite is James Fish Market on El Segundo, but we’ve got the top 5 spots for you right here.

Big Fish

This Inglewood gem takes the number one spot, simply because health is wealth and we always advocate for healthy options. You can get your fish grilled or fried here over garlic butter white rice, red beans and rice, or even more! Since 1988, Big Fish has been serving the city in a standout way, becoming a huge staple and a favorite among residents.

World Seafood

World seafood is almost like an LA landmark. You can’t miss it. When you’re driving down Florence, who can resist that big welcoming sign? Although the former management retired in 2021, that doesn’t stop the legacy of this amazing seafood spot. Their Hawaiian rolls are always worth the trip back, and with more than 25 years in the game, their recipes have definitely proved they’re here to stay for generations to come.

Happy Fish

People can’t stop talking about Happy Fish. This place is one of the most recommended when it comes down to it. Located on Manchester and Harvard, it seems as if Inglewood is taking over this list. Although some say it was better a few years ago than it is now, Happy Fish is undoubtedly one of the most solid places you can go to get your classic fried fish plate with fries and a roll.

Imperial Fish Market

Imperial Fish Market is a sure-fire go to if you need large quantities of fried fish. My favorite feeling is walking out of here with boxes and boxes of fried shrimp and fish to enjoy. Droves of people come in and out of this place for their daily fix. Right off imperial and broadway, you might recognize it from an Airplane James music video called “Silly Me.”

 Fish Bone

A recent fixture on the LA scene, Fish Bone arrived with a bang. Quickly filling up our hearts, minds, and stomachs, multiple locations are popping up everywhere and continue to leave a footprint when we think about fried fish. Not only does this fish spot leave an impact on the community’s taste buds, they also leave an impact in the circulation of closing the wealth gap. Mustard and YG became co-owners of these 7 locations across the city in 2020, popularizing the well-known franchise even more.