Nobody does a nice, big steak like LA. With hundreds of high-end restaurants to choose from, we have an abundance of luxury meals to satisfy those well-cut cravings. Whether you like your steak medium well, well done, butterfly, or surf and turf-please indulge in this well-put together list for you to enjoy. 

  • catch 

Catch has a huge 36oz USDA Porterhouse on it’s menu for $150, swimming in garlic herb butter. This steak is big enough for two, along with it’s 10oz Filet Mignon, and two different types of Waygu. You can also order Filet Skewers if you’re going a little light on the meat for the evening. We know you’ll come for the vibes, the picture in front of the door, and the instagram-worthy scenery. This rooftop makes eating the last thing to think about. 

  • steak 48

Steak 48 makes it an absolute point to only offer the best. As a sister restaurant of Maestro’s, the name Steak 48 is a nod to their very first restaurant opening in Arizona which is the 48th state. Home of the sizzling plates, this 500 degree serving kink comes loaded with your favorite sides as well as the usual rib-eye to match. Once you finish, you’ll need a steaming hot towelette after licking your fingers clean. 

  • Fleming 

A hometown favorite, one thing Fleming’s is known for is a good steak. I would suggest the El Segundo location, it’s out the way, no traffic, just a perfect little valet situation to get the night started. Their philosophy is all about “approachable, relaxed luxury”, making this the type of place you can roll up to in expensive sweats or eat at the whim after a night out on the town. The Tomahawk steak is the biggest thing on the menu, sitting at a whopping 35oz. It can’t get much better than that. 

  • Eddie v’s

Although Eddie V’s specializes in prime seafood choices, their steaks are one of the most coveted amongst their steakhouse peers. The most appropriate type of steak to order here would be the 8oz center cut Filet Mignon and premium South African Lobster tail. The surf and turf here is broiled with lemon and drawn butter. They’re guaranteed to light your plate on fire. 

  • Meat on Ocean

A more light, beachy approach to steak consumption, Meat on Ocean takes the classic elements of fine dining and pairs them with supreme steak quality. The dry age speciality here is astonishing, anywhere from 30 to 60 days. You can order a Charcuterie board here to start, or an eye dropping roasted Bone Marrow while you await your food. We love options, especially when it comes to your choices of New York Strip, my personal favorite.