Here Are The Hottest Rising LA Clothing Brands Right Now

The city of Los Angeles is known for so many things that it’s almost hard to keep up. Whether it’s in the field of entertainment, food, sports or any other field your brain can think of this city seems to produce the best of it.

It may be because there is no shortage of talent that produces these wonderful things here in Los Angeles. Still, with so many products, services, and events being thrown at you it can be hard to cut through the noise.

This is especially true in the fashion industry, there seems to be no way of telling which brands are worth the purchase let alone actually having the propensity to make it big. For that reason, we’ve elected to highlight some of the Hottest Los Angeles clothing brands.

Here Are The Hottest Los Angeles Clothing Brands Right Now:

Shalai Studios:

If your a native to the city or have even been traveling in the greater Hollywood area then you’ve likely seen some very attractive women sporting sweats and hoodies that read “Tomboy” across the front.

If you haven’t then your likely lying or you just don’t get out the house much. Either way, this doesn’t stop the emergence of these “Tomboy” jumpsuits that are showing up everywhere throughout the city.

The heavy occurrence of this stylish sweatpants and hoodie combo are no mistake. They are the product of Shalai Studios, a contemporary women’s brand. Also referred to as Shalai, the brand which seems to stand for more than just clothing.

With a style that blends beauty, athleticism, luxury and street all in one Shalai Studios really embody an I can do it all ascetic.

The somewhat rugged yet comfortable feel of the brand has attracted women of all shapes and sizes and even has had a few men lusting over the brand. It’s hard to predict what the brand has up its sleeve as the year proceeds but it’s definitely safe to say Shalai Studios is looking to double down on both quality and Cut-N-Sew products.

Keep an eye out for Shalai studios and when they make it big just remember who kept you in the loop #SBRBN.

Green By Mark Green

Quiet is kept is a phrase that I’d stick right over the brand Green By Mark Green. Not in a bad way either. The brand which is local to Long Beach California is the total embodiment of its owner Mark Green who has in a very creatively way established a brand that speaks very loudly in the softest of tones.

The self-titled brand came out of the womb in creative fashion with a Greenhouse installation featured in Play nice LBC a retail store local to the city of Long Beach.

The Brand really touches home as a minimalist brand with the essential needs of the modern day fit. The brand itself is really clean and simple but what is most interesting is the impact of the brand.

For instance, the brands latest collaboration with Infantry Collective featured a design that reads “Black Owned” across the front. Nothing to eccentric about the design but again its the very loud and clear message mixed with the soft undertone that makes the brand unique.

Green By Mark Green is perfect for folks who don’t need the extra flair to recognize dope garments. In a brief conversation, Mark told SBRBN a little bit about the design process that goes into making the garments. Of course, we can’t disclose that information.

Though, He did tell us that  the brand is 100% designed and made in the US.

As Green By Mark Green continues to grow it will be interesting to see how the brand matures into a brand of the future. Definitely keep an eye out for this one!

Sandal Boyz

Sandal Boyz is another one of those brands that have made itself stand out. The company has had a ton of success with celebrities wearing their product, especially in the sports and entertainment industry.

The brand had major mainstream success about two years ago when it first debuted. Since they have been on a steady trend upward producing collaborations with the likes of BBC Ice Cream and many others.

Not your typical brand obviously being that they are known for sandals but definitely one that has established itself as a brand that will stick around for quite some time.

As of recently, we have seen the brand diving into products such as socks so we know they are experimenting with new products and that’s exciting to see.

For now, we’ll have to rock the sandals and socks but it will be exciting to see what they launch next.

Lost Child

Lost Child is a brand that hasn’t quite crossed over to the mainstream but they have been making strides as a brand with a monumental upside.

Lost Child is a brand that stands for originality and freedom as a creative. A brand for the youth & most importantly a brand that believes in promoting individualism.

Their website reads “This brand is for the youth, created by the youth and represents the people finding their true talents and passions. It also represents everyone making the choices they wish without following the popular majority. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

What makes Lost Child a brand to watch for is the support that it has.

Not only is the brand heavily received by the people of the city but the brand also has gained support from many celebrities. Kalan Fr.Fr and even Chris Brown have been spotted rocking the colorful brand. This alone makes them a brand to blow any day now.

Head over to their Instagram and make sure to anticipate something huge from them this year.

Brim City LA


Unique designs combined with laser-sharp quality is all we really ask for from our favorite brands right? Well, Brimcity has what it takes to satisfy those needs.

The brand Really embodies the culture of Los Angeles. Including some of LA’s most influential native such as Kendrick & Pac in their designs. Brimcity stands out with both colorful & Minimalistic looks.

Their tributes to iconic sports teams such as the Kings & the Lakers play a major role in the brand’s identity.

Ironically it doesn’t stop in LA for Brimcity. The brand has tapped into sports culture all over the US. Teams like the Chicago Bulls, Golden State, and the Brooklyn Nets have seen love from the headwear brand.

The most creative part of it all is that the brand mixes sports teams with icons of their respective city. For instance, Brimcity’s signature Los Angeles Kings hat that features Easy E on the Brim or their Brooklyn Nets hat which features Naturel’s Biggie artwork.

It is this same attention to detail that has gained the brand the attention of major players such as Nas and Floyd Mayweather. With one 0f one pieces for Nas and a Collaboration with Floyd’s TMT brand, it is hard to ignore the young headwear company’s success.

In all Brimcity’s quality product & originality is what will carry them through the roof. They are still on the come up as a brand but with Players like Nas and Floyd on their team, you can surely expect to see big things from them in the future.


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