Allyn Stops By To Talk Music And Growing up In Sacramento


Today’s music industry is filled with plenty of fluff. A lot of words and vibes that offer no substance to the listener. A lot of fake perceptions that show something that really isn’t. Believe it or not there once was a time when an artist would make themselves vulnerable for sake of the music.

An artist would express pain, joy and so many other emotions for the love the art. In many ways a noble sacrifice. Although those times are coming to an end we must celebrate the few who strive to keep it authentic. Today we speak with Allyn, A Sacramento native who moved to Los Angeles to explore a journey that many can’t say they have.

This is Allyn:

So How did you get into music?

I’ve been doing music my whole life. I started playing the violin at three, I started piano at five, Then after that, I started viola at twelve. At fifteen I began playing the guitar and the drums as well. So As you can see I was doing everything. I was doing all the orchestras, I did gospel choir too So I was singing and really doing that for a minute. I was even in a band haha, I was a real band geek. But I was still wit it too you know what I mean? Music is actually what got me into college, being able to play and read music. I just graduated from Cal State Northridge and I majored in Music Business. Its always been a passion of mine, Like I got into singing when I was a kid but I took it a lot more serious when I got here (Los Angeles) cause before coming here I didn’t even know this was possible. Back home we didn’t have these sorts of resources. So When I moved out here I started writing for people, I played for like different tv shows and films just to like to get my name out there and then I figured I would like, really do this and so I put out my EP All You Need and Yea.

Your background is crazy haha, so let me ask you this, Is any of your family from a music background?

I was the first one to do it. My mom was really into music and my grandfather was always playing jazz music, so I was always around it and I heard it a lot. My mom, before she had me, wanted to do it so she kinda influenced me to do it and I just kinda took off running from there.

That’s dope, and its like you are able to do so much at a high level so…who did you look to as inspirations?

Wow, I have so many –

Whats your top 3 ?

My top three? hmm, probably Aaliyah, Sade and, Maxell.

Ahaha, yea pretty wings that’s my Sh*t. Okay so based on that. What kind of artist do you consider yourself?

I don’t really like to put myself in a category but if I had to describe myself I would say RnB because I don’t rap but a lot of people say I got a rapper voice but I don’t think I’m a rapper haha. I do try to keep versatility in the music I don’t wanna say its always RnB or oh its always slow. My music is for different people. One night you can listen to it while you chilling another night you can listen while you’re turning up another night you can listen to it while… you know? Just kinda depends on the person that is listening.

Okay okay, So what about Allyn? What can we catch you smashing in the whip to?

Ummmm haha, on my way here I was listening to payroll Giovanni. I love rap. Like I love it. You can catch me listening to everything. especially LA music, like living out here I listen to heavy Dom Kennedy and Nipsey Hussle. S/O my man G Perico. I listen to literally everything. I listen to RnB all the time too, you’ll catch me listening to Jodeci, Maxwell, Aaliyah, Mary J Blige too, like anything that’s that 90’s Rnb vibe. That’s really like my biggest inspiration.

That’s dope, Okay lets switch gears. Can you tell me the difference between LA and SAC? Culture-wise ?

Its such a big difference, Like LA, is really dope but you know Sacramento got the best people no offense hahaha, but we have like a…..A lot of people out here think we are the bay but we aren’t the bay. Sacramento to the bay is kinda like how the valley is to LA. Like Geographically We are near it but we’re just different and ummmm, pauses. We just have a real hyphy culture. We always lit, we not afraid to dance you know? We not afraid to dance and have fun like sometimes I will be out here and not really going dumb. Like back home, we go DUMB. its such a vibe out there. everyone, for the most part, is really genuine, I love my city, I love where I’m from. It taught me everything. It’s where I’m from. I represent Sacramento

Who are some people in the industry you think would make great music with?

I love H.E.R, SZA, Jhene Aiko, I definitely wanna collaborate with a lot more female artist just because I feel like we don’t always collaborate with each other, we always see ourselves collaborating with males…Ummm I have so many people I wanna work with but definitely those top three.

I listened to the tape, I can tell these tracks are coming from a real place. What is that process like? Letting that real emotion out.

Yea definitely, So whenever I’m writing it really depends on the beat, the beat makes me feel different things. If I’m writing and I feel sad It’s gonna come out that way. Everything you hear from me has been my real life situation or I’ve pulled it from like a moment in time and just expanded on it. When I’m in the studio I just kinda write. Every song that I’ve ever written took me like 5 to 10 minutes because i started writing and it just went from there and it makes it really easy for me to write it. I write everything myself.

Can you describe the woman your making music for?

I make music for everybody, but when I speak to young women I want it to be of any background because I want it to be towards anybody. I feel like anyone can relate to what I’m talking about from the heartbreak, to being misunderstood, not always feeling worth. or valued by a man or sometimes even by yourself so I feel like anyone can relate to that. Man or woman.


Make sure to follow Allyn and check out her latest project All You Need  here.

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