“I Do My Best To Adapt To Whatever Sound I Hear”: A Conversation With Duddadamthang

The Los Angeles Music Scene is as hot as ever with the emergence of so much new talent. From Carson down to the I.E  there are plenty of artists putting on for the city.

With all this talent coming out It’s Important that we highlight those coming up in the city right now.

LA native Dudadamthang stopped by to talk music and his come up in the new LA music climate. Check out the conversation down below:

Those who don’t know, Where are you from?

I’m from San Bernardino, California

As a Los Angeles native. How are you feeling about the music coming from here?

I’m from the I.E. but far as LA music goes, I feel there’s a lot of talent, creativity, and diversity within the music.

Where do you think you fit in the new wave of LA music.

Honestly, I feel as though I don’t fit in any one category, I try to make it prominent to be as versatile as possible so I do my best to adapt to whatever sound I hear and just add my own sense of distinctiveness and my own recipe of Gravy to the drip.

Do you find it an obligation to make sure you are representing your city?

Absolutely! You should always make it a point to let people know where you’re from for various reasons. One is it helps the audience identify your background and understand the things you mention about where you come from that can ultimately help them connect with you or put themselves in your shoes. Another reason being it also allows other talented figures from your jurisdiction to get recognized by the audience for their hidden talents and their stories to be heard as well.

I do my best to adapt to whatever sound I hear and just add my own sense of distinctiveness and my own recipe of Gravy to the drip.

Does the city Affect your sound at all? If so how?

Yes and No. Yes being because as I iterated before, it allows the audience to connect with you however you decide to deliver your message. No being because I tend to think outside the box, as long as I have some distinctiveness in my music it differs me from another artist. After a certain time people get tired of the same sound, you gotta switch it up, but if I’m constantly on the spin-off it keeps the music intriguing because the audience is clueless as to how I will ultimately approach the track, like a scary movie it keeps you on edge. But I do feel that cementing a sound that confides to you is key.

Who are you listening to right now?

Right now my ears are open, I’m listening to a lot of different genres, a lot of different artists as well. But lately I’ve been stuck listening to Rexx Life Raj, WS Boogie, Da Baby, June on the beat, Roddy Ricch, La Papas, and a few other artists far as Hip Hop go but I’m adamant about listening to my Old School Jams ranging from the early 70s to early 2000s.

What can we expect from you in the next couple of months?

After a certain time people get tired of the same sound, you gotta switch it up

I been going through a few extenuating circumstances but I’m getting back focused. I got a gameplan but, I don’t wanna spoil it. I Take it day by day and make sure I don’t get complacent and start to move stagnant once I get a little notoriety. Let’s just say this will be the year I cement myself in the music business, at least I’m working hard to get there.

Give Us a couple of Your influences?

Wayne, Eminem, Nip, K dot, Vintage Drake, Busta Rhymes, Dmx, J Cole, Pac, Andre 3k, 50 cent.

Lastly, Nip passed last month can you give us your take on him? What effect did he have on you?

First and Foremost, Rest in Paradise to a Legend. Nipsey played a significant roll in not only his community but communities all over the nation. People connected with him because they could actually relate to an exceptional amount of things he was talking about. Not only that, but Nip continued to give us life lessons, he continuously sought to TEACH people, not only about the history but about themselves, about business, about unity. His effect on me was significant, especially around the time my mom was in prison. I had an mp3 player that I came upon, and the only 4 artist I had on there was Wayne, Boosie, Drake, and Nip. But Nip gave me the courage, the motivation, the drive to keep going when everybody else is in doubt. I use to wanna kill myself because of how alone I felt, but when I was listening to Nip it just made me wanna go harder, it made me wanna hustle! It made me wanna go get it by any means necessary and say Middle fingers to anybody counting me out, hating on me, or anybody who had faith in me and gave up. It made me wanna defy the odds, and go against all adversities and obstacles put in my way. And over the years, seeing his progress, his success, it just makes me wanna LIVE. It was a sad day on Earth and even colder day in hell when Nip passed, I had the honor of performing at this club back in 2016 he did a walkthrough, and everything was dark but he walked in and you immediately saw a glow, he lit up the room just with his presence alone. He had genuine soul, and even though I didn’t get the opportunity to actually chop it up, and get some game from him, it was a blessing just to be there. I didn’t know him personally but I feel it’s an obligation that I continue on his Marathon, his Legacy. Not just me but all of those that he had an impact on. I WILL continue it on. The Marathon WILL continue!

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