“I Feel Like It Made Us Soldiers”: A Conversation With Malik C

*DISCLAIMER: The Following Conversation Has Been Slightly Modified To Increase Readability* 

When it comes to the city of LBC, Malik C has the potential to be the best out. Growing up MC knew he was destined for the rap game.

As of the last couple of months Malik has become more in tune with the new wave of rappers coming up and he plans to make sure the city knows who he is.

Check out the full conversation down below to see what she’s all about

For those who don’t know. Who are you and where are you from?

For those who don’t know who I am. My name is Malik C. I’m a 22yr old artist born and raised on the East of Long Beach, CA. I always had a passion for music & I come from an area where there’s a lot of talented artists, but your hustle is what defines you.

We haven’t had a full body of work from MC in about 3 years. When can we expect some new music?

When I say “us” I’m not just speaking for me but for everyone, I know who grew up on that side.

Yeah, it’s been a minute since I dropped some body of work. I feel like I’ve been finding myself as an artist, and I just wanted to give the people something real they can relate to. I got some singles I plan on dropping this summer with some big visuals. That’ll then follow that up with 2 EP’s (both remain untitled). One project will give a more inside scoop on my childhood and street life influence. The next project will be more melodic, expressing my feelings with previous relationships.

Talk to us about the current state of Los Angeles Culture. From Women to Music.

The LA Culture right now is beautiful. I feel like right now is the best time to be a part of it because I feel like we’re taking over the scene. They don’t want to admit it but everybody wants to be from LA. Women, Weed, and Weather…even though I don’t smoke lol. LA music just always been player. It makes everybody want to dance even if you can’t. Our city as a whole can be a little boujee but I feel like we earned that right.

Who are you currently listening to music wise?

I currently listen to a lot of Meek Mill, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, and Tory Lanez. All them [EXPLICIT] hard lol

Coming out of East Long beach isn’t easy. How have you dealth with the pressures of life yet remained so humble ?

Our city as a whole can be a little boujee but I feel like we earned that right.

Growing up on the East, it was hard for my family for a bit. I had a tough childhood, lost a few friends & family along the way but I felt like that stuff was supposed to happen. I feel like it made us soldiers. And when I say “us” I’m not just speaking for me but for everyone, I know who grew up on that side. I feel like we can conquer anything we put our minds to. We made it through the storm already.

What can we expect from Malik C for the remainder of the year ?

You can expect to see my name around this year. A lot more music that you can feel and relate to. Putting a lot of pain in my music. I got a lot of music in the stash with my brother Westkillinit. So it’s gonna be a fun remainder of the year, you can bet that.

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