I Never Wanted To Fit In Though And That’s No Disrespect To Other LA Artist: A Conversation With Sk1nandBonez

*Some of the dialogue may be slightly edited to ease reading*

The Los Angeles Music Scene is as hot as ever with the emergence of so much new talent. From Inglewood down to the Long Beach  there are plenty of artists putting on for the city.

With all this talent coming out It’s Important that we highlight those coming up in the city right now.

LA native Sk1nandbonez stopped by to talk music and his come up in the new LA music climate. Check out the conversation down below:

For those who don’t know. Who are you and where are you from?

I never wanted to fit in though and that’s no disrespect to other LA artist

SK1NANDBONEZ B*tch gotta say the whole name haha, I Grew up on the borderline of Norf Long Beach and Compton.

Being from our means something, it is truly a special place. Can you talk about what it means to be from the LA area?

Its a Blessing, Couldn’t see myself being from no other place

What are your thoughts on the current state of LA Rap?

Its a lot of dope artists in the city coming up from Roddy to Azjah to Kalan.FrFr, My brother Tub2x about to drop too so be on the lookout for my Dawg

Where do you feel you fit in? In the current state of Los Angeles Hip-Hop?

I feel like I don’t fit in. I never wanted to fit in though and that’s no disrespect to other LA artist but I’m tryna be bigger than just LA, We Bout to go Global On my mama

Your most recent project was dedicated to your neighborhood. The Delta. Can you speak on The Delta & what it means to you?

Its Everything to me, I been there since a Baby. That’s gone always be my home

What’s next for you? What can the fans expect?

I got a couple of different projects in the works, showing how versatile I am, More Visuals OTW, I’m finna drop a couple of freestyles while I’m working on my projects too so overall just more music

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