Niko G4 Stops By To Discuss Being From LA And Big Plans For The Future.


Niko G4 is one of the few artists that our city will defend when it comes to representing us. After all, he has dedicated much of his career to the city and truly earned that stamp.

Still young, still fly and still authentic Niko stopped by to let us in on his come up as an artist as well as how to avoid the pitfalls that can come with living in our beautiful city.



When was the first time you got into music? When did you know you loved it?

ahhhh man I would say probably around 2011, That’s when and the homies would just be fucking around at school. One of the homies had a little studio situation out of his closet. So you already know how that shit goes, just fucking around making shit. I made a song called Remy & Roscoes that kinda gravitated towards everybody in the city just on some young fly shit. Like drink Remy and eat roscoes hahaha. You know I’m from Pico so roscoes are like big over there. I sip Remy Martin VSOP you already know haha. But yea you know it just went hand and hand and ever since then I saw people saying they liked the record so I just been taking it seriously ever since then.

When you first released that first track what platform did it come out on?

Honestly, it’s crazy bro cause back then it was lime links. We used to upload on lime links dog hahaha. You had to you know, download it in a certain time to really get the record. It wasn’t even SoundCloud yet it was lime links, datpiff, and youtube. So I uploaded it on youtube and people used to check it out but man ahahah it was really lime links on God.

I heard you talk about passing out your CD’s once in an interview and now it’s all digital. So you really got to see both hustles. Are there any differences?

Honestly, it’s still that same hustling shit cause you still gotta be out there with the people but it’s just a more strategic way to do it now. Like more of the meet and greet, the whole you telling yo fans where to meet them, where to link up and shit like that but you know I’m not trynna convince nobody on no street shit like “ey Listen to this song, haha but I am telling my people like meet me here and so and so. I’ll Tell them Ima have these CD’s, this merch you know what I’m saying? And they really pull up and cop the shit. Shit be real, so it’s more about engaging with the fans now. but you know I’m still with the day to day hustle shit Like For real for real.

That’s real, That’s what really put me on to the fact that you’re a real businessman at heart. Like we know you’ve got RWTW$. Can you explain that little more?

Yea yea, for sure. RWTW$ (Roll With The Winners) is a lifestyle but you know we turned it into a brand, it’s just a positive mindset that we wanted to share with the youth coming up. You know you ain’t always gotta be on some negative shit. you can be on some fly shit you know? Roll with the winners. It turned into a clothing brand really cause all the homies is fly so I was like man we need clothes that niggas can wear, simple logos and hats and shit like that. So I just like to make shit for the homies and females that I mess with and shit. But when my fans started seeing the shit they really started tapping in like “I need that, I need that” and at the same time that was when I started making music so when i saw they were fuckin with it I started making more shit you know what I’m saying? you know keeping shit on the website and keeping shit in their face. but RWTW$ is a clothing brand and its a label too. We got artist you know I’m an artist on there, we got Mani Coolin on there, you know a few producers we fuck with so you know it like a whole organization that does everything. We just staying creative with the shit.

Is there anyone who you started with that aren’t with you now?

Its crazy, cause the ones I started with were the older homies. They were the ones kinda guiding me on how to put this shit together. So when we first started it was with the older homies but i always kept like the homies that were my age around. I learned a lot from my older homies just on how to move and how to bring things to the table. How to negotiate things. I really stuck with my homies from day one. If anyone left it was because they left, I been a real one and I been around the same homies since day one and it’s still the same mentality.

That’s real, and we know your fresh off the win or lose tour, I know you got a crazy story….talk to me.

I mean honestly….tour is always crazy. You know we always have fun. It’s not crazy crazy but its Fun crazy. Shit, ain’t nothing more than turning the show-up, having chicks and you know going crazy after the show. Honestly, Just seeing the new places I ain’t been to like New Orleans Toronto and seeing people embrace us and know my name and shit. Showing me that they got my songs on their phone like that shit was crazy like damn. How the hell do they know me? I’m From LA, I’m from Pico you know? so to know that people know about me in a whole different country is a whole different thing. I fuck with that shit heavy…but the tour was crazy off tops haha.

It was you and the rest of the OPM team, right?

Yeap, Jay 305, Dom Kennedy, Warm Brew, and the homie Cozz from Dreamville.

You know what’s coming next haha, how did you link up with OPM?

Ahhhh man, me and OPM we go crazy you already know. We got so many records, Me and Dom. From back in 2012 when I just started I was on the yellow Album with bro and shit. You know we always go crazy, we always have fun and OPM is always supportive. I fuck with OPM to the fullest.

Dope, So I wanna get a bit personal. Can you talk about the transition from maybe not getting love at first to maybe not even being able to go outside without somebody saying your name?

Yea on god, Its crazy cause, for the most part, we’ve always been known in the city on some cool fly shit so it wasn’t really too hard to get this rap shit going cause people already kind knew us. But on another level like you said going from a regular kid to a rapper is a transitional stage. For the most part, people supported us. Its gone be haters but you know they silently hate. A lot of em are in the background like “Ahhh he ain’t doing nothing if I get it, man..I’ma do this and that”-You know? It’s gone be dudes like that everywhere. For me I’ve always focused on the vision, I fuck with the people that fuck with me, ion really fuck with people that don’t fuck with me. So you know its always been love. I support my city and my city support me. You know its LA over everything.

Hmmm, So What does it mean to be from LA?

To be from LA really means to be a solid individual. Honestly, man, we come from a real place where its a lot of real shit happening. You know you can get caught up in a lot of bullshit but you got an opportunity that a lot of people from other states don’t get. like we born in the capital of music and all this shit and you got an opportunity to make something out of yourself and put your people on. So LA, Don’t ever take this shit for granted. It’s people who wish they was born out here. we got an advantage already so take that shit and run with it. be a boss don’t be a loser. If you from the city you got it real talk.

Lastly, Niko where are you trying to take this? What is your end goal?

Great Question, I just wrote that down last night. I really wanna build a platform for all my niggas to be doing what they need to do. In five years RWTW$ is gonna be a real brand a real label you know? A real influence in the city. Not to say that we not already but I wanna be doing events for the city, giving back all types of shit. I see a lot of niggas from other cities doing shit like that why is nobody from our city doing it when its possible? It just takes people working together and doing things and like you said, cutting out all that cool shit and just reaching out. But yea 5 years down the line I always wanna make some M’s too and share the wealth hahaha, that’s what it’s about.


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