OCTOBER 1st, 2019: Founder’s Focus

OCTOBER 1st 2019


 “You Don’t Know My Struggle, You Can’t Match My Hustle.”     


We get artist often who share with us their work and tell us stories of their dreams of making it to the top. They’re often actually really talented yet they fail to make it. The first question we always ask is “What can we show you”?

The norm for a professional artist is a minimum of 3 to 6 hours per day, but this should apply to anything you do that you want to be great at. If you’re an athlete or wanting to become a lawyer how’re you not spending most of your day doing that thing?

Kobe’s workouts lasted 6 hours and was just the first of the day. Dr. King traveled 6 days a week, often hitting 2-3 states in a day.  Kanye West said of his early habit:


“Lock yourself in a room

Doin’ five beats a day for three summers

That’s a different world like Cree summers

I deserve to do these numbers”

How can you call yourself a rapper and you’ve done 1 song in 12 months? How’re you a photographer with 3 photos to show forth from the summer? You want to be a starter on your football team but there is no starter on the team that you outlast in practice.

For some this is an epiphany, “I need to spend more time on this.”, But for most of you, you been knowing.

So what is holding you back? There is a habit in your life that is taking up your dream and is hindering your growth. Has that habit become an addiction? If it hasn’t, it will.

———————————————The Commitment——————————————————–


We’ve been on a quest to fast from an addiction for 30 days to focus on moving our dream forward. Each of you has something that you dream of accomplishing but there is a habit/addiction that is holding you back.

For some it’s video games, music, or sleep. For others its the weed, the henny, or the hub. It could be food, lack of exercise or unhealthy eating. Whatever it may be you can overcome it and change your life. Here’s our guidelines:


Commit to 30 days of discipline

Commit to 30 days of pain

Commit to Someone

Setup a reward you’ll receive for having succeeded

Now take action, everyday a new action toward your ultimate goal


***Should you fail don’t quit, start over, while the goal may be diminished the only failure is the person who’s still in the same place.

Send us a message on your commitment, your progress, and your completion. We’ll share it!

Good luck,


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