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Los Angeles is in for a musical spin-off as new artist Kbandz steps on the scene. Yeah, he’s in his bag and soon to be in our pockets too. Kbandz is one of the youngest, most talented artists out here as he shows us his ability to write, sing AND rap. He’s literally a triple threat. This New York native allowed insight into his day to day life and told us some secrets about what really goes on with Kbandz.

Where are you from?

I’m from New York, I was born in Buffalo, New York and I moved around a lot Albany and Brooklyn. Capital Woods, Albany’s projects are where my young childhood started.

Who are you inspired by?

NBA Young Boy and 03 Greedo. I have pain in my music, so I relate to 03.

How’d you get your name?

I couldn’t figure out a “good” rap name when I first started at 16 so I used the first initial of my first name and Bandz. I added “Mr” because I liked the edge that it brought, like a title.

Who are your favorite artists to listen to?

Myself, YNW Melly and 03 Greedo

What or who is your biggest inspiration?

My inspiration came from playing the piano, of course, an artist like 50 cents, Lil Wayne, Drake, and T-Pain all gave a push but the piano was my outlet

What is something you were not able to do as a child?

I used to get suspended from school every week for a different reason, while I was grounded I could only read and play the piano. I started making bangers all throughout elementary to the beginning of high school. I would sit there for hours remaking songs by ear on the piano.
Anything somebody wanted to hear, I could play on the piano. My family struggled, I grew up with both of my parents and they tried their best to do for me but I was a badass child so they had to be strict. No tv or anything fun on the weekdays. C’s weren’t allowed on my report card

What’s your favorite bar that you ever wrote?

“ I need a freak bitch, head dumb like she clueless, she only gets the D she ain’t an honor roll student”

Where do you see your career going?

I honestly don’t know where my career is going, I just know ima to be solid. My music ladder, each song is taking me closer to the top. I drop strategically to get ahead of the game.”



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