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  • The Best Taco Spots Around LA ( Right Now )

The Best Taco Spots Around LA ( Right Now )

Best Tacos in LA


There is one meal that defines LA culture in the world of food: Tacos.

Big or small, homemade or purchased, no better tacos exist than the variations that exist in our very own city. A different variety of flavors and tastes live in each establishment particular to each customer’s preference. Surprisingly, this authentically Mexican staple is indulged in by many cultures in Los Angeles, each putting their own spin and interpretation to how they define their perfect “taco”.  

  1. Worldwide Tacos

    Worth the wait! You aren’t really from L.A. if you’ve never had worldwide tacos. This well-known establishment was glamorously featured in Issa Rae’s episode of her tv show Insecure. Notorious for their wait time, you have never seen more options and edge in any taco such as this. From duck to lamb, and even vegan choices prove to be thoroughly available with several types of sauce for each one. This cultural icon is also noticeable from Overdoz.’s project called “2008” released in 2017. If you’re ever in the Crenshaw District, be sure to pull up and get your issue!

    2419 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.

    Los Angeles, CA 90008

  1. Taco Pete

    This taco stand was originally somewhat of a hidden gem, marking its territory right off the freeway on Central Ave. However, with the recent move to Slauson, the expansion of this name has become city-wide. These turkey tacos are worth mentioning from the first bite. They are also available on DoorDash as well for a night at home. Please feel free to explore their classic menu and make new memories sharing with friends and family.

    3272 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90043

  1. Bill’s Tacos is one of the most famous taco chains we have. Once you walk in, you’re automatically floored by the amazing art on the walls depicting years of black history. Since 1953, they’ve been serving our communities with great vigor and growing in the hearts of all who partake. Although they are no longer located on Crenshaw and Slauson, these ground beef tacos are still widely notable and truly a generational passdown.

    855 W Manchester Ave Los Angeles CA 90047

  1. Taco Mell has an extraordinarily unique story when it comes to making a new wave of modern tacos. Growing exponentially on his social media platform, we single-handedly watched this chef bring into fruition his vision into a brick and mortar storefront right in the neighborhood of Leimert Park. Not only does he have the taco game on lock, Taco Mell has also taken over the city with his delicious three-meat burritos. This generation of social media has contributed so much to the expansion of business, we love to see it!

    LOS ANGELES, CA 90008
  1. Leo’s Tacos Truck has a reputation for the most authentic street tacos you can get in LA. There’s nothing like a late-night visit to stand in line for their famous “pork off the spit” tacos. You can literally see the fresh pork roasting right in front of the truck, marinating flavors ready for the taking! The line is always moving fast, but there are always plenty of customers ready to get their hands on a plate. Although they have grown to 9 locations, the most noteworthy location is right off Pico. You can’t miss it!

 2400 W Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90019 ​

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