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  • The LA Reporter | Aug 4

The LA Reporter | Aug 4

What's Happening This Weekend

Good morning. If you’re reading this… Get up and go get it! Nobody is going to hand it to you. Sometimes you have to take it. Here is a list of 5 people who took it and who didn’t let anything stop them.

  1. Nipsey Hussle

  2. 50 Cent

  3. Sean Combs

  4. Kobe Bryant

  5. Karen Bass

Look their incredible stories up for some motivation.



The Best Happy Hours Around LA Right Now?

We know how much everybody loves a good Happy Hour! So we’ve compiled a range of options to choose from. Whether you’re in the mood for an upscale vibe, ratchet, or on a budget, we’ve got all the proper selections for you and your friends to come together for LA’s favorite bonding activity.

Joey’s DTLA has an after-work feel to their location. Holding it down in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, right next to the Intercontinental you’ll see plenty of the working class head in and out for mid-day or Happy Hour meetings.

Melody’s Bar by LAX is for the grown folks only. The shot sizes are bound to leave you singing and dancing like you’re at a family function. With a few aunties and uncles in the building, after 10pm the crowd is tailored for people over 30.

Nile bar Inglewood As soon as you walk in the Nile on Market street, you hear the DJ playing your favorite songs, and see the game on the wide flat screens that make-up the venue. This is the perfect place to tell your friends to link up, eat wings at the bar, and go shot for shot!


Top Stories Around The City

Renters in Los Angeles and Orange counties finally experience some relief from hefty rent hikes! As of August 1, the maximum allowable rent increase under California's Tenant Protection Act will drop from 10% to 8.8%. This change, implemented in 2019, sets a cap on annual rent increases, covering many rental properties but not all. The allowable rent hikes are tied to inflation rates, with the past year witnessing the 10% limit due to higher inflation figures. However, the recent lower inflation numbers will result in a more moderate 8.8% rent hike limit in L.A. and Orange counties until July 31, 2024.

Three professional dancers filed a lawsuit against Lizzo, claiming that she and her team created a hostile work environment. The dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, allege that they experienced weight-shaming, sexually denigrating behavior, and pressure to participate in disturbing sex shows while on tour with Lizzo from May 2021 to May 2023. Lizzo denies the allegations, stating that the stories are sensationalized and come from former employees who acted unprofessionally. The lawsuit targets Lizzo, her production company Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc., and the captain of her dance team, Shirlene Quigley, accusing them of creating an "intolerable" work environment that exposed the plaintiffs to unwanted nudity and lewd discussions.

Bronny James was discharged from the hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest during USC's basketball practice on July 24. He was promptly treated on-site and rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he spent time in the intensive care unit before being transferred to general care once his condition stabilized. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center expressed gratitude to the USC athletics' medical staff for their swift and effective response in treating Bronny's sudden cardiac arrest. In a later update, LeBron James thanked fans for their concern and support, revealing that Bronny is now at home and even playing the piano in his improved condition it’s unclear when the highly-touted USC basketball star will be able to resume team activities but we’re glad he’s safe and with family in the meantime!


The Girl Behind Some Of Hip-Hop’s Biggest Tracks

Cydney Christine is Inglewood’s very own super producer, model, and entrepreneur. Many people know her as “Lil CC” due to her 6x platinum reference by Drake on their hit record “Money In the Grave.” However, you might also have spotted her in Nipsey Hussle’s campaigns for The Marathon Clothing. CC started playing the drums growing up attending music school.

After attending St. Bernard’s High School, CC signed to Wilhelmina modeling agency and became the vegan advocate of many well-known campaigns. In addition to her many talents, CC opened a storefront off Pico & La Brea where she sold CBD and other products. CC put herself on the map as one of LA’s most sought-after multi-talents.


Our Latest Interview

In this Town Hall meeting Scottie breaks down the new format of the show, SBRBN wifey asks about the new development of Inglewood & How its becoming the hub for entertainment in Los Angeles. BRICK stops by to talk Ebony Beach Club & the powers that be trying stop the event from happening. See the Full episode HERE


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