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Thieves Steal 100 Bronze Headstones from Carson Cemetery: A Devastating Act of Vandalism

In a shocking incident that has left the community of Carson, California, in disbelief, thieves and vandals targeted the sacred grounds of Lincoln Memorial Park over the weekend. This despicable act of criminality has not only caused immense emotional distress for the volunteers who tirelessly maintain the cemetery but has also inflicted deep wounds on the families who have loved ones resting there. With a hundred bronze plaques stolen from the mausoleum, the perpetrators have shown a complete disregard for the sanctity of the final resting places of the departed. Let us delve into the details of this heartbreaking incident and explore its impact on the community.

A Community Left Speechless

Aisha Woods and Valerie Holyfield, dedicated volunteers who were entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing Lincoln Memorial Park, are still grappling with the shock and devastation caused by the recent act of vandalism. Woods expressed her profound hurt, comparing the violation to stepping on her own mother's grave. Holyfield, equally distraught, voiced her disbelief at the state of society, questioning how anyone could stoop so low as to defile a cemetery. The emotional attachment both women have developed with the community and the people who visit the park has made this violation all the more painful for them.

A Targeted Attack on History

The thieves specifically targeted the mausoleum at Lincoln Memorial Park, stripping it of a staggering 100 bronze plaques. The loss of these plaques, which adorned the resting places of loved ones, has left families feeling violated and profoundly disturbed. While the markers on the memorial of Abraham Lincoln remained intact, a plaque donated by the legendary boxer Joe Louis, honoring African American soldiers who lost their lives during World War II, was among the items stolen. Woods expressed her frustration, emphasizing the historical significance of these plaques, including the one dedicated to Joe Louis in 1944. The audacity of the thieves in targeting such a revered figure and vandalizing the cemetery is truly disheartening.

A Wider Pattern of Vandalism

The incident at Lincoln Memorial Park is not an isolated one. Just last week, Woodlawn Celestial Gardens, located across the street, also fell victim to vandals. Celestina Bishop, the owner of the cemetery, revealed that 23 headstones were desecrated or destroyed, with many of them belonging to soldiers. The scale of these acts of vandalism highlights a broader pattern of malicious intent aimed at tarnishing the final resting places of loved ones. The impact on the community cannot be understated, as these cemeteries hold immense historical significance and are treasured landmarks within Los Angeles County.

A Cry for Help

The owners of Woodlawn Celestial Gardens, like many others who manage cemeteries, face an uphill battle in trying to keep these sacred spaces open and maintained. Celestina Bishop expressed her frustration, noting that she receives little assistance in her efforts to preserve the cemetery. The malicious intentions of the vandals only serve to reinforce the notion that she should walk away from this responsibility. However, Bishop remains determined, despite the challenges. The community must come together to support these caretakers and ensure that the peace and dignity of these hallowed grounds are restored.

The Aftermath and the Road to Healing

In the wake of these devastating acts of vandalism, families have resorted to using tape to mark the final resting places of their loved ones. This makeshift solution is an attempt to restore a sense of order and peace to the sacred space that has been violated. The authorities are actively investigating these incidents, hoping to bring the perpetrators to justice. The community, too, has rallied together, urging recyclers to be on the lookout for the stolen bronze plaques. The road to healing will be long, but with the support of the community and a collective commitment to preserving the sanctity of these cemeteries, it is possible to overcome this tragedy and rebuild what has been lost.


The theft and vandalism at Lincoln Memorial Park and Woodlawn Celestial Gardens have left the community of Carson reeling from the shock and devastation caused by these heartless acts. The violation of these sacred spaces, where loved ones find their eternal rest, is an affront to the entire community. It is imperative that we stand together, offering support to the caretakers of these cemeteries and working towards restoring peace and dignity to these hallowed grounds. Only through unity and a commitment to preserving our shared history can we ensure that such acts of desecration are never repeated. Let us honor the memory of those who have passed by protecting their final resting places and cherishing the legacy they have left behind.

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