Stream Celeste Arrazolo’s latest single “Caution”

Los Angeles based singer Celeste Arrazolo is proceeding with “Caution” on her new debut single. She may be new in the business, but her distinct sound and range separate her from the rest. Her honest and sincere approach to music has allowed her to deliver a powerful record, filled with soul, pain, and triumph.

On this song, you will hear Arrazolo warning people to handle her with “caution”. As she has faced many trials and tribulations, she finds refuge in the song. Her ability to go to a place of vulnerability in a melodic way is most impressive. When you mix that with the ethereal, beat you get a recipe for success.

Some notable lyrics from this single are “Religion has left me, God forgot my name.” These raw bars are a reference to Arrazolo’s religious beliefs, which keep her grounded and focus. But even with
strong faith, the past can be troubling. The Texas native does a great job of drawing you in with her intricate wordplay and heavy

You can hear strength and pain in her voice as she fights to live her best life. Press play below to stream Celeste Arrazolo’s debut single“Caution”.


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