The Best Artist Coming Out Of Los Angeles Right Now

When it comes to music the city of Los Angeles is one of the cities that is known for producing some of the rap game’s most notable legends. From the Pac’s all the way down to new legends such as Kendrick Lamar the city has always kept heavy hitters coming.

Best of all Los Angeles has been able to keep it fresh, authentic and original through it all. Whether it was the era of gangster music or sounds that take on a more southern approach LA can only be compared to itself.

These days things are still the same and a new wave of talent has been lighting the city on fire. With an artist like Drakeo and 03 Greedo leading the pack it is looking like the city cannot lose.

With the new year starting off strong we thought it would be a great idea to check out the hottest artists coming out of Los Angeles right now.

Blue Face Baby

At the end of 2018, Blue Face Baby came in scorching hot. Having ushered out three major hits with Dead Locs, Thotiana and Respect My Crippin all doing numbers. The success of these tracks would have Blue Face dead smack in the middle of the rap game.

It wouldn’t be much longer until Drake would check in with Blue Face In a DM posted by the Los Angeles raised rapper. Drake says. “Trust me shits about to poppppp once people catch up” He continued. “You know I’m always ready to cook. Boi 1da got a beat he made for us that slaps so hard.”

No surprise that ever since then Blue Face has been one of the hottest things coming out of Los Angeles. With a rumored Drake track on the way, we can only imagine how bright Blue’s future will be. Either way, he is definitely one of the Los Angeles artists to keep your eye on this year.


Roddy Rich

Compton native Roddy Rich caught a head of steam last year when his debut project Feed The Streets released. As the Compton native’s buzz grew, one Philly bred artist by the Name of Meek Mill took heed.

Now, with a hefty Dreamchasers co-sign Roddy is leading the pack of the Los Angeles rappers at the moment. Roddy even scored a verse on Meek’s highly anticipated “Championships” Album.

Since Roddy has been studio-side with the best of them. Even Floyd Money Mayweather tapped in with Roddy to see what his upcoming music has to offer. With an audience bigger than just the city of Los Angeles it will be interesting to see how Roddy maneuvers throughout the rap game over the next couple of months.


Kalan Fr Fr.

Kalan Fr Fr is another artist building a very solid fan base throughout the rap game. Stretching as far as Atlanta Fr Fr has been able to build a very loyal fan base. In an interview with Sam Gundie Kalan expressed his understanding for such a loyal fanbase. Saying “I love everybody that supports me” he continued “You not shit without people that support you”

So it seems with His melodic tune & catchy hooks he been has been able to turn a wishful NFL career into a flourishing rap career. Especially with the women, who just can’t seem to get enough of him.

No doubt though, Kalan loves all of his fans worldwide but LA will always be home. Kalan has been on record saying we getting his next project Hurt 2 produced by westkillinit early in the year.



A name that doesn’t hesitate to ring a bell is Rucci. An Inglewood raised rapper who isn’t for the faint of heart. His rugged style is attractive not only sonically but visually. In 2018 Rucci was able to break through the smoke and mirrors with his joint project MackkRucci.

Rucci would go on to produce two more tapes for the city and officially cement himself as a credible artist in the city

Still, the success Rucci has been able to amass hasn’t stopped him from working harder than ever. We have seen him almost everywhere making a name for himself. As the world awaits his next project we should all be keeping an eye on Rucci.


AZ Chike

Coming up in the streets of South Central LA AZ Chike had an upbringing like every other kid in the city. Learning to ride a bike and picking apricots off the neighbor’s trees he lived as simple as could be. Though life for Chike would change in 2013 when he came across this thing called rap.

Fast forward to present day and Chike has been doing shows all over Los Angeles living a life that many can’t say they have. More ready than ever to leap onto a bigger and better stage Chike keeps himself level-headed and ready to attack.

Most interestingly enough Chike has been killing all of his guest verses this year. He was featured on Rucci’s Light it Up and 1takeJay’s Bleed Em amongst many others.

So far this year Chike seems to have all the guns loaded so it will be interesting watching his next few moves. Keep an eye out.


AZ Swaye

AZ swaye is one of the artist coming up in Los Angeles with a bit of a new flame if you will. His style is unique to him and that may just be what makes him stand out. It could be that he grew up watching his uncle Top Dawg maneuver through the rap game throughout the years.

Sway told passionweiss that Top’s words of wisdom were to “never ask for a handout & Never feel like you worked too much. You always gotta work, period. Even if you’re successful, you still gotta work.”

Acting accordingly Swaye has done just that, though the relationship is there it is something he hasn’t used as leverage. Instead, he has built a name on his own back in a very respectable fashion.

This year Swaye has given us Swaye Madden and Swaye FTR alongside some singles and EP’s as well. With a large catalog of music and a demand for more, we will definitely be watching for swaye in the near future.



Garren is Los Angeles next RnB sensation. The rapper/singer found himself a viral sensation after an interview he did with his own father. The interview would tackle the father-son dynamic which is often non-existent within many greater Los Angeles households. Asking pointed questions as to why his father wasn’t there for him as a child.

Of course, this creative content is only half the story for Garren. His music stands out as one of a kind. His break out track “Wrong Way” featured on Ebro’s Beats 1 Radio and was even able to chart as a top ten record.

It has truly been a viral year for Garren, his collaboration with YFN Lucci would go on to touch almost 3 million views on youtube. Now as a signed artist to Think Its A Game records Garren has had records with some of the rap game’s biggest artists.

Garren is in a great position to win it all next year. Keep an eye on Garren in the near future.



Lastly, we have 1TakeJay who many would consider being the energizer of Los Angeles and its new wave of rappers.

From the jump, Jay seems to be a very happy person his Magic Johnson-like smile and catchy lyrics. A combination that makes him a bonafide star. His personality is not the only thing that makes him so attractive though. His music, of course, is what got him where he is today.

Starting on SoundCloud in 2014 Jay has since made leaps and bounds within the last four years. Last year he released a joint tape with Rucci as well as his own body of work. As of recently, he has been doing shows all over the place so this year we can only imagine what he has in store. As of recently, he has been doing shows all over the place.

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