The Best Photographers In Los Angeles Right Now

No matter what industry you find yourself in the power of a photo will always remain important. That statement has always been true, since the emergence of Instagram it may be even truer than it once was.

As a result, businesses and personalities have utilized the skillset of photographers to boost their brand. Of course, now everyone has come out as photographers and shared their work with the world. In Los Angeles, this is especially true.

Everyone has a camera and everyone claims to know how to use it.

For that reason, we’ve rounded up the best photographers coming out of Los Angeles right now.

check them out below:



Jennifer Johnson, also known as @Jenjphoto is maybe one of the most celebrity-loved photographers out of Los Angeles.

For whatever reason Jen is always at the right place at the right time. Her photos can back up that statement. Whether it is a Grammy after party or a 1500 sound academy class Jen is there.

She is usually shooting for the likes of Nipsey Hussle, YG and other Los Angeles artists but her portfolio of celebs speaks for itself.

If you haven’t seen Jen or her work before then you definitely want to make your way to her account to check them out!


Isaiah Martinez, also known as @Shotbyzayy is a photographer out of Los Angeles who is known for the attention to detail in his photos.

At first glance, you’ll recognize his strength with candid street photos. Literally utilizing the streets of Los Angeles as canvas photography, Zayy creates photos that rise to the top in terms of quality.

Zayy is usually shooting portraits for some of your favorite Los Angeles women but that hasn’t stopped him from working with the likes of Mani Coolin, Niko G4 and more.


Kaito has become one of the more exciting photographers coming out of Los Angeles. If you have ever seen his work then you know exactly what it is that we are speaking about.

Kaito is for certain a product of the combs enterprises. Is that why all of his photos look like full cinema production? Maybe so.

either way, the quality of these photo’s are amazing.

Not to mention he has been able to capture some of the worlds most iconic moments.

Take some time to check out Kaito and all of his work. He is sure to make a big impact on the culture as time goes.

Lee Vuitton

Lee Vuitton is another one of those artists who has built a portfolio of photo’s that speak for itself.

Lee has captured some pretty iconic moments in the culture as well. Shots of Beyonce and Barack Obama definitely stand out but don’t let that take you away from his other work.

His live action shooting of artists and celebrities on stage are hard to match.

Photo’s of King combs, YG, and other LA artists have become something Lee seems to stand on.

The quality, of course unmatched. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at any of Jay’s photos before, take a look up above and head over to his Instagram as well.


Jordan Hall, also known as @Jayohh_ is a photographer and videographer out of Los Angeles.

At first glance, you’ll scan his Instagram and soon be swarmed by some of your favorite celebrities and photos of them that you never knew you loved.

Those celebrities include Floyd Mayweather, King Combs, Travis Scott & whoever else you can think of.

Jordan’s work isn’t anything less than amazing.

His quality matched with a great sense of storytelling makes Jordan one of the best photographers coming out of Los Angeles.

If you haven’t ever seen Jordan or any of his work head over to Instagram and check him out.


Darlene who is also known as @Darlenedigital on Instagram is lethal with the camera.

Her style is sophisticated, although she has been known to make a push for a more raunchy look when necessary.

Her style compliments clothing. Her approach to photo taking makes for the perfect look book.

A gem both in front and behind the camera, Darlene makes for a star-studded Photographer out of Los Angeles.


The man of the hour just might be Mr. Billions. Bobby Billions that is. If you haven’t yet come across this guys Instagram then without a doubt you’ve seen one of his photos.

If not from Bobby himself then from one of the LA models he has had the opportunity to work with.

Either way, Bobby has some of the most compelling photos in LA. His portraits and artistic flair with the women he shoots in LA is without question one of his highlights as a photographer.

If you’re just now realizing who has been shooting your #WCW then head over to his Instagram now and get to know him.


Kenya Frank is a photographer in Los Angeles who has made it a point to be at the right place at the right time.

If she isn’t capturing behind the scenes photos of Tidal’s Rap Radar Podcast then she’s likely somewhere in Los Angeles catching  powerful protests.

Regardless of where she is in the moment, you know she’s taking a photo.

With Kenya that could mean photos of Los Angeles legends such as Dj Quik or artist apart of the new wave of music such as Mozzy. Either way, its all top notch work.

If you have yet to check out Kenya and her photography make sure you head over to her Instagram to check out her work.

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