The Ultimate Guide On How to Sneak into 24-Hour Fitness.

Let’s cut to the chase if your reading this you aren’t a gym rat. Your either just looking to play basketball or maybe you’re just as cheap as I am. Either way, we’ve detailed the classic on how to sneak into 24-hour fitness. These methods will increase your chances of sneaking into a 24-hour fitness near you.

Disclaimer: These methods are meant to help INCREASE your chances of getting into a 24-hour fitness without a membership. They are in no way a full-proof method to success.

We also are not condoning the act of sneaking into 24-hour fitness but if we did, here is how we’d do it:

Before we get into the methods that will increase your chances of sneaking into 24-hour fitness there are two rules of thumb that you must always keep in the back of your mind.

1. Confidence is Key

If you are going into this afraid of getting caught then you have already failed. Something such as this is not for the scary and not for the timid. If you want to successfully get into the gym you must sell yourself with your tone, body language, and eye movement.

2. It’s now or never

Many people never get caught sneaking into 24-hour because they never try it. They get caught up in the idea of the perfect opportunity and this will make you timid. Understand that there is no perfect moment, if you see an opening then you take it!

3. Survey the field

Remember that you never want to go in blind. Always take the time to see if you can spot the front and its staff beforehand. You might come to find that no one is even at the desk!

The Methods:

So now that we have mentally prepared ourselves it is time to asses the situation and gets to work. One thing to keep in mind is always going to be business hours. Your method will and can be heavily contingent on the traffic of the gym.

The Ambush:

The ambush will require a bit of stealth on your part. You will need to camouflage yourself with the rest of a big group of actual members. This usually works best with four or more members.

Once all of the scanners are taken you and the front desk is at a peak you will be able to slip through unnoticed. The key here is to timely walk straight in like one or two of the members are just finishing their sign-in. This will allow you to slip by unnoticed.

Though often times there is a third staff member who will be watching for this exact thing. If you notice a staff member with their eyes peeled you can always go deeper. When you are forced to go deeper you will have to get right under the noses of the staff. This means faking your sign-in.

When you find yourself against a 24 staff that is actually on there job. You must slip right under their noses. While everyone is signing in you will casually pretend to enter your information and FAKE your thumbprint. If you do this with enough confidence chances are the staff won’t look over your shoulder as you PRETEND to type and you can casually enter as a member.

Best used: When Business is booming and the gym is packed.
Success Rate: 90%

About My Business.

Unlike the ambush method, the About My Business method will require you to be bold and confident. In this method, you are walking straight into the gym. There is no sign in and no contact you are walking straight into the gym and no one will stop you!

This is definitely where that confidence we spoke about will kick in. When doing this method you should be pre-dressed and wearing headphones can help you block out the nerves that you might have.

Best used: Any time of day
Success Rate: 87.8%

Made You Look

The Made you look method is actually kind of fun. Unlike the other methods, you will have to become more of a strategist. The method means creating decoys to distract the staff which will open the floor for you to walk straight in. If you’re using This method then the business hours are usually slower. This means there are fewer customers coming in and out, it likely also means there is less staff as well! As a result, you need to create distractions yourself.

There are many ways you can create a distraction to get eyes off of the front desk. One of our personal favorites is the cold call. This requires that you call the front desk and ask a question that will cause the staff member to walk away. Usually a good “Hey, I believe i left my bag and I’m 40 minutes away could you check for me”? will do the trick.

Now with one less member up front you can attack. If there is another member guarding the front heavily you use a friend with a membership to ask a question while you either fake a sign in or walk in as if you’re in a rush to hit the gym.

Best used when: Busines is slow and fewer eyes are on the front desk.
Success rate: 89.2%

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