“We built a framework and now it’s time to stand up on that framework” A Conversation With Mothoro

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Tell the people where you’re from and what you do?

I’m Mothoro & I represent LFTFLD. I’m from the LA District in general, pretty much all over. I’m originally from the Crenshaw – Stockton area. I’ve been all over though. The central Hub is where a lot of our fan base is, over by the Crenshaw District area, that’s where a lot of My LFTFLD team resides as well so I spent a lot of time out there. As for what do. I make music. I’m a rapper, producer, engineer.

How did you guys come up with the concept of LFTFLD and what does it represent?

We run in the middle. We don’t gang bang but we’re not super duper square either.

LFTFLD is a conglomerate/record label that consists of me, my best friend Rasual who raps, LaRange who handles a lot of the business Omarage who manages the label, Wholemaster who does a lot of our production and Crush The Gift another artist. It’s just a collective of creative young individuals That are all like-minded and kind of just want to be different from the norm. When you think about LFTFLD it’s something unconventional. We represent the left of the map and it kind of just makes sense. LFTFLD ties and that’s how we came up with the name but it became apparent, through doing this music s*** that you can’t do it alone, that you need a team. So we formed a team and we just been trying to stay active.

There’s a different level of quality with you guys and I’m always curious. What inspires you? The people, the Sound of Music? What inspires you guys to kind of go in the direction that you guys are going?

Well, that’s the whole thing we always want to differentiate ourselves. You know? Everyone knows, especially people outside the West coast know that when they listen to West Coast Music the West Coast has a certain sound, so we kind of took it upon ourselves to be different and be more creative. I think that’s where a lot of the quality and the uniqueness comes from. I think that kind of translates to just how overall our stuff sonically sounds, It is cohesive but not like a lot of the stuff that’s coming out of LA like right now. With that being said we do make the conscious effort to sound different but at the end of the day its all based on what sounds good.

Who do you guys feel like you’re speaking for?

We built a framework and now it’s time to stand up on that framework.

I think we’re speaking for the regular young people that are in the mix. For instance, I feel like a lot of LA people need to gang bang or need to be a straight edge square like Super Duper Kyle or somebody like that to make it. We run in the middle. We don’t gang bang but we’re not super duper square either. We know about both sides you feel what I’m saying? We kind of speak for the people that’s in that mid-range. These people, they’re from the hood, they know what the hood is but we about business too. It’s a fine line that I think we walk and I know that a lot of people can relate to it as well. Like we’re just regular people from LA. Not gang-affiliated but also not on some super Pop sh*t either.

How are you feeling about the current state of LA music, better yet LA culture as a whole?

I love it, bro, it’s just like you said it’s so much coming up but it’s like you said, we got the Kalan’s, Rucci, & 1takejay making noise. We even got like the OG’s like YG. We got a lot of just prominent LA energy. Everyone just seems to be finally trying to work together because there was a point when n*ggas wasn’t trying to team up and n*ggas were kind of in their lane. It still is kind of like that to this day but it’s more of collaborative energy this time around that I’ve seen. At least that’s different than you know before because I know that we’re in our lane but we got little collectives that we fuck with as well. We’re all working together like it’s not in our heads and I think that collaborative energy contributes to the coast taking over as a whole.


What is MNR?

MNR is a duo, me and Rasual, who I spoke about earlier. The duo that we had created in high school. I had got on WSHH for the talent of the week in 10th grade for this song I had and that s*** got a hundred thousand plays and ever since then I and Rasual took it upon ourselves to take this s*** seriously. We dropped three projects in high school and once I went to college, that’s when I started to focus on my solo career and he focused on his and building up our solo name. We always link up on our MnR s*** now and then. For instance, we dropped a project last summer and we’ll probably drop one next year as well. It’s a duo that we created but it’s not really like we’re confined by that duo. We still make music all the time and we’re also individual artists as well.

I meet with my team every week, every Sunday.

One thing I notice about you is that you have all of these different like left-field MNR and there are all these different things that you’re doing but you’re doing it at a quality level which is very hard so my question to you is how are you staying inspired to of do all those things and how the f*** do you balance doing all those things?

when you say Inspire bro honestly I’ve been rapping pretty much all my life but I’ve been doing this since the 9th or 10th grade. The thing about it with me is that I feel like since I’ve had all this experience trying to do this s*** I’ve just been learning things along the way to the point where I’m at a point now, where the quality is there, but it just takes consistency. What inspires me is hitting little Milestones here and there. For instance, I just crossed 200,000 streams on my last EP (mentions EP name, can’t hear it). I know that’s not a lot but collectively having that many streams on a project, that’s a milestone. Next, we have to hit that 500 mark. Just little things like that keep me inspired so I keep hitting milestones as they come.

How are you balancing?

Luckily, I have a support system at home, where I’m able to create in my own space and they understand what it is and what the long-term goal is. With that being said, I meet with my team every week, every Sunday. My Sunday’s is probably my busiest day. Every Sunday at 10:30 p.m. we have a left-field team meeting and from that meeting, we bounce our ideas and out of all of our ideas, we organize them and hit the goals that we want to hit for the week. And we just keep going every week and every time, setting different milestones. With that being said, I would say being organized is the key to balancing and also finding your support system.

As a native, what are some of your favorite things to do in LA?

Honestly, bro, that thing we’ve been doing a lot lately as a team we’ve been going to brunch like as a team going to Whisky Red in Marina and the homie is cool with the owner and he would be having a section for us and they smoke in there ( I don’t smoke) and we get unlimited mimosas. I’m turning into a brunch ass n****. I never thought that would be the case but that’s been a lot of our weekend activities, brunch and being in the studio. I’m not a club type person but anywhere around the city that we can just post up and kick it and drink you know that’s the type of vibe I will be on for real.

We’re going into a new decade what is your mindset looking like going into the next decade?

Expansion! expansion! expansion! Like you said we’ve been building this key team and this key work ethic and just overall organization within the team so that now that we kind of have a sense of organization and work ethic and stuff like that now it’s time to expand. We built a framework and now it’s time to stand up on that framework. With that being said we got a lot of things lined up. We got compilation we’re working on. My album dropped in November and so we want a lot of more visuals going into the decade and just overall trying to hit more Milestones so with that being said I credit Nip. Rest in peace, may God rest his soul, to setting the blueprint for how to really run an independent organization or an Independent Business especially out there in music and other businesses I’m interested in as well but with that blueprint he left with us that’s what we’re trying to take into the next decade.


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