What You Need To Know About The Shooting Of Ryan Twyman

On Thursday, June 6th LA County deputies opened fire on 24-year-old Ryan Twyman In Willow Brook CA.

According to Black Lives matter Los Angeles. Twyman was shot over 30 times and killed. This all Just 3 days after Ryan Twyman’s birthday.

SBRBN was able to speak with individuals who had Insight on the shooting that took place Thursday night.

Melina Abdullah who spoke with Ryan’s sister the morning after her brother’s death reported that Ryan was sitting in his car when LA deputies arrived on the scene. In a nearby parking stall, one of Ryan’s female relatives began to leave in fear that the policeman would begin harassing them.

We have been told that Ryan also “attempted to leave” but was blocked in by the car of the police officers. Several of the witnesses claim that Ryan’s friend then opened the passenger door of the car. The cops then proceeded to drag Ryan’s friend out of the car and beat him says, Melina.

In the midst of this, the officer claims to have seen a gun causing the second Deputy to fire at Ryan.

Witnesses told us that after emptying the entire clip the Police officer went to his car and grabbed his rifle, only to begin shooting at Ryan again. We have no information or statements from the LAPD on this matter. We have been told that Ryan was unarmed and there has yet to be evidence of a gun on the scene.

Ryan was only 24 years old and the father of 3 children. We do not have all of the details but we do know Ryan was Unarmed. The County Sheriff has yet to issue any statements on the matter but we will keep you updated. Ryan’s death is beginning to ignite something special. Over 300+ attended his Candle lighting and celebrities all over are taking notice of his death.

Though, the shooting Of Ryan Twyman isn’t the only police shooting that took place. In total 5 people were shot that day and only one survived.

We will continue to keep you updated as the story develops…


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