Your Next Move Is Bound To Be Your Big Break: A Conversation With Model Deirdre Wood

*DISCLAIMER: The Following conversation has been slightly modified to increase readability* 

When it comes to the city of LBC, Deirdre Wood has the model scene on lock. She started small of course, but began growing her personal brand over the last couple of months.

Now she’s just looking to grow off from what she’s already built.

Overall Deirdre is just a cool, down to earth woman. Check out the full conversation down below to see what she’s all about

For those who don’t know. Who is Deirdre? Where is she from and what does she do.

Well, you’ve might have seen my face around Long Beach here and there. That’s been home for me since day one. I model and work with friends all around the city to create visuals for their clothing brands, photography, and music.

I love being open to new ideas and styles that I can pick up on and take with me to other ventures.

I think it’s safe to say you’ve built a big enough name around the city through modeling. What got you started?

I started off pretty much just shooting for different homies. I have a lot of talented friends that are tapped in with their brands, and music. They’re the ones that really kick-started the process and brought my face to the light. I’ve worked with different artists in LA like Masego, Mani Coolin, Brent Faiyaz, KB Devaughn as a visual in their videos. Different friend’s brands that are based in LA like Bobs Liquor Store, Infantry, Shalaistudios, S1XS3V, GREEN By Mark Green, so once images get around, I just make new connects everywhere I go and end up working with people I would’ve never thought I’d come across.

Are there any photographers or brands you really want to work with?

Man, there are tons of brands even in the city I still hope discover & book me to shoot for them hahaha. But I feel like I would kill a women’s Stussy or GUESS shoot. I’m really into streetwear and the “Tomboy Pretty” look. But I do like to switch it up and remind them I can be sexy and editorial at the same time. Photographer wise, I’m open to many. As long as they keep it cool and professional. I love being open to new ideas and styles that I can pick up on and take with me to other ventures.

Can you give us a few tips for any aspiring models coming up?

Be confident in everything you do. Don’t let anybody tell you what you do is cliché or far-fetched. Learn something new every shoot, and just stay consistent. You move in the right path, listen and follow direction, your next move is bound to be your big break. Don’t give up!

What’s next for you? What can we expect from you this summer?

I’ll be working all summer, getting as many shoots in as I can and just keep pushing. I’m working hard on getting signed to an agency this year and really start my modeling career. This is only the beginning. You’ll never know where you’ll see me next, but best believe you’ll see me!

Much love,

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